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15. Dangers of Everyday Technology

Recent research raises compelling concerns about two commonplace technologies, cellular phones and microwave ovens. Heavy, long-term exposure to cell phone radiation increases risks for certain types of cancer, including leukemia, and in males impairs sperm production. Prenatal exposure to cell phone radiation has been shown to produce blood-brain barrier leakage, and brain, liver, and eye damage. The microwave radiation that heats food also creates free radicals that can become carcinogenic, while the consumption of microwaved foods is associated with short-term decreases in white blood cells. The Food and Drug Administration has yet to recognize studies that indicate microwave ovens alter foods’ nutritional structure, and, as with the dangers of cell phone use, most studies indicating minimal or no health risks are, in fact, industry-sponsored.

Censored News Cluster: Environment and Health

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Faculty Evaluators: Kenn Burrows (San Francisco State University); James F. Tracy (Florida Atlantic University)

  • diamond January 20, 2013

    Ok this article is complete and utter bullshit, microwaves and cel-phones are not linked to cancer.

    • Cancer survivor February 7, 2013

      Ive been in the cancer center for the past 10 years and have heard the words come out of the doctors mouths that you should use your microwaves as little as possible and NEVER with styrofoam. And use your hands free head set because TONS of evidence links cancer to cell phones

    • FireStar February 22, 2013

      thats how i got cancer, you dont know the dangers of the technology we use everyday.

      • Tanath September 6, 2013

        No it isn’t. There isn’t enough energy in cell phone or Wi-Fi radiation to do anything. There isn’t even a theoretical mechanism by which they could possibly cause cancer. You never know what caused any particular instance of cancer, or much of anything for that matter. It’s statistically significant data that gives evidence, not one data point (you).

    • Anthony Corelli November 19, 2013

      Your evidence is compelling, but…. You may have experienced some blood-brain barrier leakage. Your reply did.

  • diamond January 20, 2013

    Ok this article is complete and utter bullshit, microwaves and cel-phones are not linked to cancer.

    • Cancer survivor February 7, 2013

      Ive been in the cancer center for the past 10 years and have heard the words come out of the doctors mouths that you should use your microwaves as little as possible and NEVER with styrofoam. And use your hands free head set because TONS of evidence links cancer to cell phones

    • FireStar February 22, 2013

      thats how i got cancer, you dont know the dangers of the technology we use everyday.

  • Sam October 8, 2013

    Its not just cell phones
    Its the cell phone towers as well as anything else that constantly emits pulsed microwave radiation. Most people are irradiating themselves with their own cordless landlines (the base transmits 24/7) and wifi routers. This radiation at current exposure levels has been shown in 1000’s of studies dating back decades to cause and make worse, cancers, autoimmune disease, heart attacks and strokes. Cancers can develop in as little as 5 to 10 years of exposure. this is why cancer incidence is on the increase across all age groups
    Many published studies and doctors warnings:

    • Craig January 2, 2014

      Sam, I’m sorry you live in so much fear. Let’s take cell phones. If there were increased cancers that were caused from using a cell phone, there should be solid numbers from before serious cell usage was prevalent(say the 90’s?) showing much more brain cancer cases occurring starting from 2000 on. The numbers simply do not pan out. Your citing 1000s of studies going back decades seems a bit off as well. How long has cell technology been in serious use? 1G technology was what, the mid 80’s with the real explosion of usage hitting huge in the 90’s, so a couple of decades at best. If things were as rampant as you would like to believe, we should have seen a huge spike in related cancers and that just is not the case.

      • navin johnson March 29, 2014

        My mother has a stage four glioblastoma brain tumor and I’ve read in a couple of places that these tumors are becoming a more commonly diagnosed cancer. They have become much better at treating the people who survive past a year because they have had so many people to experiment on recently. Either way we will argue till we are extinct why everyone is slowly being poisoned. I just read recently that everyone’s yards in the major cities are covered in lead from leaded gas. Apparently this problem was know by the thirties.

  • DOCTORS W.A.R.N. January 4, 2014

    Speaking for DOCTORS W.A.R.N.[Wireless And Radiation Network] a US group of 95 health and research professionals apprised of the international research showing the dangers of EMF/EMR:

    First, check the International Association of Fire Fighters 2004 determination to NOT allows cell towers or antennas on any of their facilities due to proven negative health effects on fire fighters. They also provide worldwide research to substantiate this: , excerpted below:

    WHEREAS, the brain is the first organ to be affected by RF radiation and symptoms manifest in a multitude of neurological conditions including migraine headaches, extreme fatigue, disorientation, slowed reaction time, vertigo, vital memory loss and attention deficit amidst life threatening emergencies; and

    WHEREAS, most of the firefighters who are experiencing symptoms can attribute the onset to the first week(s) these towers/antennas were activated; and

    *Note: A pilot study was conducted in 2004 of six California fire fighters working and sleeping in stations with towers. The study, conducted by Gunnar Heuser, M.D., PhD. of Agoura Hills, CA, focused on neurological symptoms of six fire fighters who had been working for up to five years in stations with cell towers. Those symptoms included slowed reaction time, lack of focus, lack of impulse control, severe headaches, anesthesia-like sleep, sleep deprivation, depression, and tremors. Dr. Heuser used functional brain scans – SPECT scans – to assess any changes in the brains of the six fire fighters as compared to healthy brains of men of the same age. Computerized psychological testing known as TOVA was used to study reaction time, impulse control, and attention span. The SPECT scans revealed a pattern of abnormal change which was concentrated over a wider area than would normally be seen in brains of individuals exposed to toxic inhalation, as might be expected from fighting fires.

    Second, check the recent peer-reviewed journal-published research showing that 81% of the cancer deaths within a ten year period all occurred to those residing within 3000 feet of a cell tower in an otherwise upscale, elite community: Adilza Dode et all/Bel Horizonte.

    Third, note the concerns of these parents about a cell tower proposed to be sited next to their grade school in Santa Fe, NM: home page.

    The World Health Organization already categorized EMF/EMR from such products as Smart Meters, baby monitors, cellphones, WiFi as a Class 2B: possibly human carcinogen along with DDT, lead and HIV virus. What else do you need to hear? You are NOT going to hear an apology from the industry for a Grid that is causing cancers, cardiac and neural problems. And it won’t be televised…Please ignore the industry trolls that will ridicule this. Often, if you trace their IDs, they do not really exist.