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“Project Censored is one of the organizations that we should listen to, to be assured that our newspapers and our broadcasting outlets are practicing thorough and ethical journalism.” —Walter Cronkite
“In another home run for Project Censored, Censored 2013 shows how the American public has been bamboozled, snookered, and dumbed down by the corporate media. It is chock-full of ‘ah-ha’ moments where we understand just how we’ve been fleeced by banksters, stripped of our civil liberties, and blindly led down a path of never-ending war.” –Medea Benjamin, author of Drone Warfare, cofounder of Global Exchange and CODEPINK.
“Project Censored shines a spotlight on news that an informed public must have . . . a vital contribution to our democratic process.” —Rhoda H. Karpatkin, president, Consumer’s Union
“Project Censored brings to light some of the most important stories of the year that you never saw or heard about. This is your chance to find out what got buried.” –Diane Ravitch, author of The Death and Life of the Great American School System.
“At a time when the need for independent journalism and for media outlets unaffiliated with and untainted by the government and corporate sponsors is greater than ever, Project Censored has created a context for reporting the complete truths in all matters that matter. . . . It is therefore left to us to find sources for information we can trust. . . . It is in this task that we are fortunate to have an ally like Project Cen-sored.” —Dahr Jamail
“The staff of Project Censored presents their annual compilation of the previous year’s 25 stories most overlooked by the mainstream media along with essays about censorship and its consequences. The stories include an 813% rise in hate and anti-government groups since 2008, human rights violations by the US Border Patrol, and Israeli doctors injecting Ethiopian immigrants with birth control without their consent. Other stories focus on the environment, like the effects of fracking and Monsantos GMO seeds. The writers point out misinformation and outright deception in the media, including CNN relegating factual accounts to the “opinion” section and the whitewashing of Margaret Thatcher’s career following her death in 2013, unlike Hugo Chavez, who was routinely disparaged in the coverage following his death. One essay deals with the proliferation of “Junk Food News,” in which “CNN and Fox News devoted more time to ‘Gangnam Style’ than the renewal of Uganda’s ‘Kill the Gays’ law.” Another explains common media manipulation tactics and outlines practices to becoming a more engaged, free-thinking news consumer or even citizen journalist. Rob Williams remarks on Hollywood’s “deep and abiding role as a popular propaganda provider” via Argo and Zero Dark Thirty. An expose on working conditions in Chinese Apple factories is brutal yet essential reading. This book is evident of Project Censored’s profoundly important work in educating readers on current events and the skills needed to be a critical thinker.” -Publisher’s Weekly said about Censored 2014 (Oct.)
“For ages, I’ve dreamed of a United States where Project Censored isn’t necessary, where these crucial stories and defining issues are on the front page of the New York Times, the cover of Time, and in heavy rotation on CNN. That world still doesn’t exist, but we always have Project Censored’s yearly book to pull together the most important things the corporate media ignored, missed, or botched.” –Russ Kick, author of You Are Being Lied To, Everything You Know Is Wrong, and the New York Times bestselling series The Graphic Canon.
“Project Censored interrogates the present in the same way that Oliver Stone and I tried to interrogate the past in our Untold History of the United States. It not only shines a penetrating light on the American Empire and all its deadly, destructive, and deceitful actions, it does so at a time when the Obama administration is mounting a fierce effort to silence truth-tellers and whistleblowers. Project Censored provides the kind of fearless and honest journalism we so desperately need in these dangerous times.” —Peter Kuznick, professor of history, American University, and coauthor, with Oliver Stone, of The Untold History of the United States
Buy it, read it, act on it. Our future depends on the knowledge this col-lection of suppressed stories allows us.” —San Diego Review
“Activist groups like Project Censored . . . are helping to build the media democracy movement. We have to challenge the powers that be and rebuild media from the bottom up.” —Amy Goodman
“[Censored] offers devastating evidence of the dumbing-down of main-stream news in America. . . . Required reading for broadcasters, journalists, and well-informed citizens.” —Los Angeles Times
“Most journalists in the United States believe the press here is free. That grand illusion only helps obscure the fact that, by and large, the US corporate press does not report what’s really going on, while tuning out, or laughing off, all those who try to do just that. Americans–now more than ever–need those outlets that do labor to report some truth. Project Censored is not just among the bravest, smartest, and most rigorous of those outlets, but the only one that’s wholly focused on those stories that the corporate press ignores, downplays, and/or distorts. This latest book is therefore a must read for anyone who cares about this country, its tottering economy, and–most important– what’s now left of its democracy.” –Mark Crispin Miller, author, professor of media ecology, New York University.
“Project Censored continues to be an invaluable resource in exposing and highlighting shocking stories that are routinely minimized or ignored by the corporate media. The vital nature of this work is underscored by this year’s NSA leaks. The world needs more brave whistle blowers and independent journalists in the service of reclaiming democracy and challenging the abuse of power. Project Censored stands out for its commitment to such work.” —Deepa Kumar, author of Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire and associate professor of Media Studies and Middle Eastern Studies at Rutgers University
“One of the most significant media research projects in the country.” —I. F. Stone
“Censored 2014 is a clarion call for truth telling. Not only does this volume highlight fearless speech in fateful times, it connect the dots between the key issues we face, lauds our whistleblowers and amplifies their voices, and shines light in the dark places of our government that most need exposure.” –Daniel Ellsberg, The Pentagon Papers
“Hot news, cold truths, utterly uncensored.” —Greg Palast
“Those who read and support Project Censored are in the know.” —Cynthia McKinney
“[Censored] should be affixed to the bulletin boards in every newsroom in America. And, perhaps read aloud to a few publishers and television executives.” —Ralph Nader

25. EPA Fiddles While Illegal Incinerator Pollutes Ohio

Sources: THE NATION, Date: 9/27/93, Title: “ETA. Fiddles While WTI. Burns,” Author: Liane Clorfene-Casten

SYNOPSIS: On the banks of the Ohio River, near the town of East Liverpool, Ohio, there sits a hazardous waste incinerator-one of the largest of its kind in the country. It illegally burns unidentified wastes in violation of countless Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, in spite of campaign promises by Bill Clinton and Al Gore to block its operation. The incinerator also operates against the advice of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources because it is located within a few hundred feet of private homes, in an area with flood hazards and air inversions that prevent pollutants from escaping.

The $160 million incinerator operates in defiance of opposition from scientists, environmentalists, government experts and local activists. Additionally, it has failed to pass three trial burns which have indicated that it releases dioxins at two to five times the legal levels. Why, one might reasonably ask, is it there?

Senator Howard Metzenbaum (D-OH) is convinced it is there because of deals made between EPA officials and the company that runs it-Waste Technologies Industries (WTI). Writing in The Nation, investigative journalist Liane Clorfene-Casten provides evidence that the incinerator’s “charmed regulatory life” is a product of political favoritism, lax and even illegal regulatory activity, and highly questionable courtroom proceedings.

Example: Financier Jackson Stephens, chairman of Stephens Inc., one of the nation’s largest investment banking companies, based in Little Rock, Arkansas, founded WTI in 1980. In 1988, he gave $100,000 to the Republican Party and hosted an inaugural bash for President George Bush. Four years later he raised $100,000 for Bill Clinton and extended a $3.5 million line of credit to his campaign through one of his banks.

Example: A secret memo written by EPA attorney Nancy-Ellen Zusman lists a “schedule of items to be accomplished” in order to get the incinerator started. It includes a timetable for bringing the illegal incinerator on line and modifications to a flawed 1983 permit. After reading the memo, Senator Metzenbaum protested loudly in a communiquÈ to then-EPA Administrator William Reilly: “The memo makes clear the position of the U.S.E.P.A. all along is to give W.T.I. the go-ahead…. I don’t believe I have ever seen such irresponsibility on the part of government officials.

“Example: Ohio Valley residents went to court to block the incinerator. A Federal District Court, in spite of its own findings that “the operation of the WTI. facility… clearly may cause imminent and substantial endangerment to health and the environment,” nevertheless permitted WTI to conduct an eight-day trial bum, noting the cost of delay to WTI outweighed the risk of harm to the community.

All this prompted EPA official Hugh Kaufman, a longtime critic of the project, to comment, “The W.T.I. case is a symptom of a national problem. The E.P.A. process for regulating waste disposal is riddled with deceit at best, and fraud at worst.” Kaufman’s voice is a lonely one in Washington. Neither the President nor the environmentally-concerned Vice President seem inclined to make any moves regarding WTI. Meanwhile, the incinerator continues to spew toxins from its stacks, heedless of the protests of Ohio Valley residents and curiously ignored by the major media.

COMMENTS: Liane Clorfene-Casten, author of The Nation article, reported that while several media sources dealt with the story before she did, it was mostly in bits and pieces. “However,” she added, “Network TV failed to cover anything and most of the major daily newspapers refused to cover it at all after my publication (in The Nation)-despite the fact my piece was comprehensive and data was available for anyone to continue investigating, especially since the story is on-going, a constant drama.

“Clorfene-Casten feels there is much for the public to learn from greater exposure of the WTI issue since it “is a powerful lesson in environmental corruption …. The national public has a right to know the EPA, and our national leaders, are corruptible. Human life is fodder for the power seekers. It’s a fundamental civil liberties issue.

“Clorfene-Casten feels that the primary beneficiary of the limited coverage given this subject is the “incineration industry whose hunger to build more and more burning machines (which at this point are totally unnecessary), is only matched by the EPA’s perverted enthusiastic support for this flawed and dangerous technology.

“The polluting industry is not reined in by the EPA but fined. As a result, thousands of people living in incinerator communities across the country are at high risk for cancer, birth defects, impaired childhood development, infertility and other reproductive effects, suppression of the immune system, neurological disease or impairment, hormonal alterations and toxicity to the lungs, heart, kidneys, liver and skin-for long-term health effects.

“The food chain is profoundly affected as well. Documents tell us the EPA technocrats know this but will not act. And since the mainstream media has already bought into the lie that `dioxin is not as dangerous as we once thought it was,’ the mainstream press won’t discuss the hazards of a dioxinspewing machine without admitting what they are not prepared to admit; in smaller doses than once believed, dioxin is very toxic, is carcinogenic, and is capable of serious hormonal damage.

“In general, media has a tendency to cover up for all our presidents-from Kennedy’s sexual exploits to Bush’s connection to Iran-contra and more, and Clinton’s criminal consent to burn thousands of barrels of Agent Orange in Jacksonville, Arkansas. (It’s an on-going dioxin producing machine.) Either we have some warped idea that we need to protect the `morality’ of the presidency, despite the evidence of dishonesty, payoffs and compromises, or the corruption is so pervasive, everyone connected gets protected.

“The American people are mostly shielded from the truth of how the compelling, intoxicant of power translates into dreadful, unethical and life-threatening tradeoffs. The law doesn’t count. The Justice Department will not prosecute certain environmental criminals. People pay the price. WTI protesters are given little more than bureaucratic runarounds in Washington. They go from the Justice Department to the FBI with their petitions, and nothing ever happens.

“I’d love to see this story told on network news, but reality tells me to forget it. WTI burns merrily along. On 12/10/93 WTI malfunctioned, pouring forth unknown, fugitive emissions: `black clouds of smoke hovered over the smokestack.’ Then, WTI took its sweet time in alerting the EPA. The local health officials were appalled by WTI silence. Since that time, Ohio EPA understood WTI might fail another trial burn, so on 12/17/93, in an effort to avoid a possible failure, the Ohio Agency told them not to conduct it. Ohio EPA knew there were sufficient problems and didn’t want them to risk it.

In response to a letter by EPA’s Bob Sussman (The Nation 12/6/93) criticizing Clorfene-Casten’s article for being “fraught with error,” she responded “Well, since the EPA itself admitted it violated the law, and since the attorney general of Ohio stated clearly the same in 1993, and since EPA whistleblower Hugh Kaufman officially petitioned Janet Reno for a criminal investigation, specifically citing Val Adamkus of Region V and Sussman, I’m not concerned. The drama continues as does the poison.”

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