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Disinfo Wars: Alex Jones’ War on Your Mind

by Nolan Higdon

In 1833, William Miller predicted the second coming of Jesus Christ in the year 1843. Only after his fourth failed prediction, each of which saw hundreds of thousands of followers turn out, did his followers abandon him. By this time, Miller had already absconded with copious amounts of their money, spent on his publications and for ascension robes that were supposed to prepare them for Jesus Christ’s arrival.1 A profiteer relying on distortion and unfulfilled predictions, contemporary radio personality and activist Alex Jones operates in the same mode as Miller. Instead of ascension robes, Jones profits from the fear and uncertainty he relentlessly peddles via DVDs, publications, books, a TV show, a radio show, and websites.

Jones is recognized as a spearheading figure of anti-establishment reporting for many Google-searching-truth-seekers. Jones’s work includes an abundance of unfulfilled predictions that often rely on distorted and unproven claims. Despite his many predictions going unfulfilled, Jones and his claims increasingly appear in the corporate press as major media outlets rely on Internet sources for news content. As a result, the works of Alex Jones have broken into the so-called mainstream.2 This creates a serious problem for investigative journalists and scholars who focus on controversial subjects. Jones’ self-promotional, unfulfilled predictions and his speculative writings and reports can take away from other legitimate, fact-based researchers who investigate similar topics by shifting the focus from the relevant facts of the particular topic to his unverified and often sensational claims. The result is that those inclined to believe the so-called mainstream media disassociate themselves with some political movements and topics because Jones’ and his speculative reports become the face of said particular movements and topics. Jones’ ability and pattern of delegitimizing controversial, yet evidence-based contingents of so-called truth movements through radicalization and guilt by association, is eerily analogous to the blueprints of various US Government programs– most notably COINTELPRO from the 1960s and ‘70s. More recently, this has also been the case regarding establishment efforts to discredit the Occupy Wall St. Movement.3 This article will explore the work of Alex Jones’ and the effects he has had on others who research similar controversial subjects, and how research into those very subjects comes to be viewed in the public once Jones is perceived as a spokesperson or figurehead.


Who is Alex Jones and Why Does He Really Matter?


Alex Jones began broadcasting in Austin, Texas in 1996 on The Alex Jones Show and is now syndicated on over 140 radio stations.4 Jones often focuses on government and elite conspiracies during his radio show and through the postings on his websites Prison Planet and Infowars.5 The taglines for Infowars and Prison Planet are “because there is a war for your mind” and “truth will set you free,” respectively.6 Together his websites garner 11.5 million visitors each month with over 28 million page views, making “the 390th most popular website in the United States.”7

Jones capitalized on the events of Waco, Texas and the Oklahoma City Bombing to launch his career. Jones claims his interest in abuses by government began with the 1993 siege in Waco, Texas when agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) killed seventy-six people—known as the Branch Davidians—for illegally stockpiling weapons.8 Like many researchers, Jones believed the victims were murdered unnecessarily.9 Later, when Timothy McVeigh was put on trial for the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, which killed 168 people, Jones agreed with commenters who concluded that McVeigh was not responsible for the attack.10 Jones used his interpretation of both events to launch his public persona through protests, a radio show, and a drive to rebuild the lives of Davidians.11 In 2000 Jones attempted to capitalize on his “political activism” by launching a failed bid for the Republican Party nomination in the Texas state representative race.12

Much of Jones’ work focuses on a global conspiracy orchestrated by an elite cabal. In Jones’ usage, “elite” functions vaguely to include everyone from President Barack Obama to CNN personality Piers Morgan.13 Jeremy Stahl of Slate explained that Jones’ conspiracies typically contain a “hodgepodge of disparate banking, corporate, globalization, and military interests…working together to bring about a New World Order of centralized ‘globalist’ government.”14 In 2013, The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) which is a non-profit organization combating hate, intolerance, and discrimination, argued that Jones’ conspiracies focus on a “fiendish plot to control the world” by the elite.15 Jones echoed these claims explaining, “No one is safe, do you understand that? Pure evil is running wild everywhere at the highest levels.”16

Because Jones’ reporting is vast in focus and lacking in evidence, it can lead followers of the corporate (or mainstream) press to ignore the research done by others on similar controversial subjects. Jones’ claims range from those that may have factual evidence supporting them (which other researchers provide in far greater detail than Jones ever does) to the completely outlandish (i.e., factually unfounded). Freelance writer Dean Walker outlined the plethora of issues Jones covers: “Jones has accused the federal government of involvement in the Oklahoma City bombing and the 9/11 attacks, said that the Branch Davidian cultists in Texas were purposely murdered by authorities, claimed that FEMA is secretly building concentration camps…”17 In 2010, Jones claimed that “The reason there are so many gay people now is because it’s a chemical warfare operation…I have the government documents where they said they’re going to encourage homosexuality with chemicals so people don’t have children.”18 In 2013, Jones claimed that a tornado in Oklahoma was not an act of nature, but a government made “weather weapon.”19

Various bloggers, reporters, and groups have criticized Jones for his conspiracies surrounding elites.20, which offers criticism of the media, argued that Jones “never met a conspiracy theory he didn’t like.”21 Tim Hjersted from the community-powered learning library Films For Action argued that Infowars “appeals to a certain niche conspiracy audience, but beyond this niche, it is not of much use for reaching people ‘beyond the choir.’”22 In his 2010 book Wingnuts, John Avlon of Newsweek and The Daily Beast argued that “wingnuts” are “the professional partisans and unhinged activists, the hard-core haters and the paranoid conspiracy theorists.”23 They are fueled by the “self-segregated echo chamber of talk radio, television news, and the Internet.”24Avlon identified Jones as a wingnut,25 because Jones’ distorted claims are documented on websites like Alex Jones Debunked—which deconstructs and exposes videos of Jones false and distorted reporting.26

For his book Among The Truthers: A Journey Through America’s Growing Conspiracist Underground, Canadian editor and columnist Jonathan Kay interviewed Jones. Kay explained that, “Talking to Jones is exhausting. He spits out every sentence as if he were calling the police to report a crime in progress…” and relies on unverified Internet sources to back up his claims.27 Jones oft makes claims that US actions amount to false flag events. A false flag is when the government performs an attack on its own people to shore up support for their policies and agenda. Kay summarized the views of Jones: there is no difference between the major parties, all governments use false flags, and President John F. Kennedy was murdered for trying to dismantle the Federal Reserve.28 Kay accused Jones of falsifying history in the case of Lusitania-which after being bombed by the Germans led to the US involvement in World War I-by calling it a false flag. Kay argued that Jones falsifies history to get present day followers to feel that contemporary events are like the false flags of the past.29 It is not that there are not demonstrable false flags in history, it’s that Jones does a shoddy job of proving it where other scholars have dedicated their careers to discussion on such matters, and as a result of Jones’ sloppy fear-mongering, their work gets dismissed by many in the public once it becomes associated with Jones (see endnote 29 for further relevant remarks on Kay’s work).


Alex Jones’ Unfulfilled Prophesies: “I Can Feel It in My Bones”


Jones broadcasts false flag predictions almost daily. His broadcasts before 2010 began with the imperial march theme from Star Wars with a voice that explains “Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups. You want answers? Well so does he. He’s Alex Jones…on the GCN Radio Network. And now, live from Austin, Texas…Alex Jones.”30 On his February 4, 2009 show he explained that “No doubt in my mind they are planning to stage an inaugural bombing in the next six to seven months, just like 911….” with the goal of improving Obama’s approval ratings.31 A week later he said the government would use a “biological attack” to kill majority of the population to garner support for martial law.32 Two weeks later he said “I am telling you right now, I’m sure of it, they are going to stage terror attacks soon…it’s going to be full on federal worship on TV.”33 On April 2, 2009 he named Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Dallas, Cleveland, and or Denver as possible targets for a staged nuclear attack.34 In June 2009 he said “I would not be surprised if they stage some big terror attacks in the next sixty to ninety days….”35 In July 2009 he predicted multiple methods for a coming false flag including a nuclear attack, flu epidemic, world war, or “bankrupt everything by design.”36 None of these predictions proved to be true.

Instead of revisiting shortcomings of his previously unfulfilled predictions, Jones just invents new ones. On November 10, 2009, he said, “Now in the last three months I have been warning people that Obama’s controllers are going to be staging events.”37 This prediction ignored the prior failed predictions from February to September 2009, which claimed the same thing. However, instead of explaining why he ignored his previous failed predictions, Jones continued to make more predictions. On his February 16, 2010 show he noted that, “so they are gauging to stage an assassination on Obama to get his approval ratings up and I believe he is probably involved in it.”38 On March 29, 2010 he promised a “staged terror attacks in the next month.”39 None of these predictions proved true.

Similar to the unfilled prophecies regarding false flags, Jones replaces and ignores his unfulfilled economic predictions. In June 2008, he claimed the US dollar would drop by 90% in value by 2010.40 It did not, so in February 2010 he argued, “In the next sixteen months…they are going to bring in a new financial collapse, they are going to bring down at least 15 European nations.”41 That did not happen, either. On his February 9, 2009 show Jones supported his guest Lindsey Williams– the blog writing, ordained Baptist minister– who said, “9 to 12 months from now you are going to see a complete collapse of the US dollar.”42 When this did not happen, Jones continued to make further failed predictions. In May 2010, he said, “In the next two years they are going to devalue your currency by 50%.”43 In April of 2009, Jones claimed, “The government is going to take most everything you got.”44 In December 2010, he claimed that 60% of the pension funds are gone and they will all be gone “in a couple months.” He called anyone who did not believe him a “dumbass.”45 However, one might suggest it is Jones who looked like the “dumbass” because his prophecy again proved false.

Since he is not constrained by evidence, Jones goes beyond currency and false flag predictions, tying many conspiracy theories together—including those involving extraterrestrials. On his December 17, 2009 show he claimed that “whether aliens are real or not, the United Nations, another big Rothschild, the federal government, all these astronauts coming out, moonwalkers talking about flying saucers, they are getting people ready for extraterrestrial life to be announced, and I don’t know if it’s this month or five years from now…The mainstream media is legitimizing extraterrestrial life and is basically saying we are being visited and something is going on.”46 In fall of 2013, this remains yet another unfulfilled prediction from Jones.

The most celebrated of Jones’ predictions among his followers involved the events of 9/11. On September 11, 2001, it was reported that four US commercial airliners were hijacked and three crashed into buildings, killing almost three thousand people in New York City, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C.47 Weeks earlier on July 25, 2001 on his Infowars program, Jones asked listeners to “Call the White House and tell them we know the government is planning terrorism.” He said it will be someone like “bin Laden, who was a known CIA asset in the 80s, running the Mujahedeen War…is the boogeyman they need in this Orwellian phony system.”48 Despite using the phrase “like bin Laden” and not offering a date, Jones and his followers claim he predicted 9/11.49 Six weeks later Jones proclaimed, “I’ll tell you the bottom line…98 percent chance this was a government-orchestrated controlled bombing.” He also noted that it was part of an effort by elites to control the populace.50 Infowars still claims that “In July, 2001, Jones predicted the attacks of September 11, 2001…”51

However, all Jones did with his 9/11 prediction was exaggerate evidence of actual coming attacks and then without evidence claim that the government would be behind them. In 1999, former CIA consultant and professor emeritus at the University of California, San Diego Chalmers Johnson made the evidence-based case for an attack from Osama bin Laden on the US explaining that blowback– domestic foreign attacks resulting from US foreign policy– “was not yet at an end in the case of [Osama] bin Laden.”52 The government itself had numerous reports that bin Laden was determined to attack in the US in the year leading up to 9/11.53 There had been ongoing terrorist attacks against the US at the hands of bin Laden and others in the decade leading up to 9/11.54 Jones had access to most of this information and knew that the US had experienced attacks abroad by bin Laden such as the 1998 bombing of the US embassy in Somalia and the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole.55 Then Jones claimed without evidence that the US government would be behind any future attack.

Jones similarly falsified evidence to support his predictions after the election of President Barack Obama. After Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Jones claimed that, following orders from Obama, the US government was constructing large prisons out of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) camps for a massive crackdown against US citizens.56 Jones’s argument begins with a fact. FEMA was building emergency relief camps. Indeed, FEMA outlined the camps’ construction plans on its website.57 However, Jones went on to distort the camps’ purpose, arguing that they were intended for use as “rendition hubs” for some larger Obama conspiracy.58 Jones falsely employed the work of selected fact-based reports to fit his pre-determined conclusion of a global crackdown through FEMA. The Ashbury Park Press (APP) had been critical of conditions in one camp, noting that “it more closely resembles a prison camp” due to poor conditions.59 Infowars changed the language and narrative of the APP report in an article that explained the camp “more closely resembles a military concentration camp.”60 The phrase “concentration camp” is odd since a concentration camp does not allow people to come and go as they please. However, people were allowed to come and go from the Oceanport camp, as reported by the very APP article Infowars was citing.61

The foundations for Jones’ predictions are often self-admittedly not grounded in strong evidence. In January of 2009 he said a staged terror attack was coming because “I can feel it in my bones.”62 A week later he claimed that the body language of the federal government says a false flag is coming.63 He claimed an attack was coming in August 2009 because of Obama’s declining approval rating.64 His prediction of a government attack in March 2010 was based on CNN, FOX, CNBC, MSNBC, and HBO making anti-Tea Party documentaries.65 A week later he said a false flag was coming because “I can just feel it in my gut.”66 In 2009 he said “Look at how they bombed Madrid on 333, look at 777…they always do it on weird cryptic numbers because-not that we believe in it-it is them who believe in this weird Babylon mystery school.”67


Transmuting Collective Fears into Private Profits


Jones’ false reporting appears to be motivated by profit. On his December 31, 1999 radio show, Jones, with factless hyperbole, trumped up Y2K (the arrival of the year 2000) paranoia by predicting a global crackdown, but he argued that by listening to him you could “escape the globalist sneak attack plan.”68 He claimed that everyone should “gear up for clamping down on America.” He claimed that Russia, and soon the US, would be controlled by globalists through Y2K.69 He reported “Cash machines are failing in Britain,” “They are finding large amounts of explosives in France,” a war in Chechnya sees “hundreds of thousands dying,” the federal government “has set up a huge 50 million dollar command bunker hooked into all the FEMA boxes that can take over all the short wave broadcast and commercial AM and FM stations as well television broadcast stations,” “Police and military are on high alert running around looking for supposed boogiemen and terrorists under every rock,” “there are trains of military equipment moving into Austin,” “The airport will be used as a major, major facility for trouble makers or rioters here in Austin.”70 Jones’ reporting during Y2K, as evidenced here, was simply false.

Jones’ Y2K reporting buttressed fears among his audience, and in turn this benefited his advertisers. Jones claimed that an awful fate awaited the American people with the coming of Y2K. He claimed that nuclear plants had shutdown, a military takeover of the US was underway, and a brutal takeover of Russia had begun. The fear-mongering broadcast was only interrupted for commercial breaks to sell items needed to combat the false scenarios being reported. One commercial stated that “Time is getting shorter until Y2K, if you want to be sure your family and loved ones weather the potential Y2K storm of delays, shortages, or interruptions of services, then now is the time to stock up on emergency supplies at a Home Food Reserve.” Another commercial warned that a politically unstable Russia-which Jones had falsely been reporting on- would lead to a large ground war in the US and consumers should get supplies to protect themselves. Thus, Jones’ false reporting created a market for his advertisers.71 Businesses selling security related items continue to fund Jones’ program through advertisement as he fuels the fear that most certainly increases their profit.72

In the years following the Y2K broadcast Jones began to use his reporting for self-profit. He sold a DVD about his break-in to Bohemian Grove in Northern California. Jones snuck in during the annual retreat of highly influential attendees, which includes prominent businessmen and politicians. Jones videotaped the “Cremation of Care” ceremony that took place and presented it as part of some elite conspiracy only available through him on DVD. Former director of Project Censored, Sonoma State Sociology Professor, and an expert on what C. Wright Mills called the “power elite,” Dr. Peter Phillips had seen the ceremony while researching his dissertation (which was about the San Francisco Bohemian Club and events at the Bohemian Grove) and concluded that Jones egregiously misrepresented the ceremony. Phillips took issue with Jones for claiming that the ceremony was “some kind of cult human sacrifice” where the screaming voice of dying people were echoed through loud speakers.73 Phillips argued that Jones was pandering to online theories to sell his DVD, and that his claims were unfounded. In fact, Jones had been invited into the Grove with Phillips to observe, but chose to sneak in for a more theatrical and dramatic approach to set up his video.74 Nonetheless, Jones profited from the hype with the DVD Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove—The Order of Death, released in 2001.75

Jones continued to profit from his sale of consumer goods at the expense of other researchers. Jones’ false flag 9/11 reporting led him to profit from a book and fourteen DVDs between 2001 and 2008.76 Jones sold six DVDs from 2008 through 2012 focusing on the coming Obama crackdown.77 Former employee of the Alex Jones Show and current radio host Jack Blood has criticized Jones for being profit driven and accused him of holding pre-determined conclusions that are unaltered by evidence. Blood was the former fill-in host for Jones on The Alex Jones Show. Blood explained that Jones charged high prices to advertise young filmmakers’ work and gave them about $.50 profit for each of their DVDs while he took a much larger portion for himself. Blood claimed that Jones sold self-autographed DVDs that were actually forged by his staff.78

Jones eventually expanded from radio into television and Hollywood. Jeff Bercovici, from Forbes wrote of Jones, “For a dude who believes virtually every powerful institution is a tool of an evil conspiracy, he’s surprisingly keen on Hollywood.” Jones is friends with Charlie Sheen of “Two and a Half Men” notoriety and director Richard Linklater, who featured him a in two of films, A Scanner Darkly and Waking Life.79 Jones is a consultant to Jesse Ventura’s TruTVshow, Conspiracy Theories.80 He is broadcast by GCN (Genesis Communications Network) an affiliate of ABC, making him a corporate media connected pundit.81 Bercovici argued that “Jones operates under this same corporate media for profit structure” as radio personalities Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. However, Jones attacks them both constantly because they are competitors “whom he accuses of stealing his theories and presenting them as [their] own….”82


The Echo Chamber of Establishment-Sanctioned Anti-Establishment Propaganda


Jones portrays himself and his work as standing outside of the mainstream, which is a crucial aspect of its popular appeal. University of California history professor Kathryn Olmstead argues that, once the size of US Government expanded during World War I and real government conspiracies were exposed, a culture of distrust in government flourished, leading to the peddling of more conspiracies.83 Similarly, senior lecturer in American Studies at the University of Manchester, Peter Knight, argues that Americans distrust the narratives provided by those in power—even when those narratives faithfully represent what really happened.84 Indeed, a 2012 Gallup Poll found that 60% of Americans do not trust television news—the highest figure yet recorded.85 Jones capitalizes on distrust and constructs narratives outside the mainstream despite lacking the evidence to prove his conclusions.86 Jonathan Kay argued that Jones’ behavior is dangerous because it divides American politics without evidence, making it nearly impossible for academics, journalists, and researchers to bridge the divide because of the systematic distrust.87

Despite his self-styled “outsider,” anti-establishment persona, Jones has become increasingly prominent in corporate media over the last decade. Jones was welcomed into the mainstream for his 9/11 claims. CNN’s Showbiz Tonight featured him on two episodes in March 2006 to discuss his views on 9/11.88 During his appearance Jones claimed credit for predicting 9/11. He said “Listen, for years Hollywood`s been on fire with people knowing the truth about 9/11. And I was the first to expose 9/11 on the day. In fact two months before I had intel that elements of the military industrial complex were going to carry out the attack.”89

As the corporate press increasingly relies on Internet sources for stories, Jones’ reports have become gradually more prominent. For instance, Matt Drudge, creator of the conservative website The Drudge Report, recently endorsed Jones via Twitter, calling 2013 the “Year of Alex Jones” and referring to Jones’ radio show as “one hell of a broadcast”90 Drudge has 32 million daily visitors and “often sets the news cycle” on television.91 In the first five months of 2013, fifty pieces of Jones’ work appeared on The Drudge Report, including one claiming that the US gave the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez cancer.92 The media watchdog group Media Matters observed that, “Drudge has been consistently linking to Jones’ site for years.” From April 2011 to April 2013, Drudge published 244 Infowars articles. The Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), an investigative reporting nonprofit, found that Drudge and his Jones linked articles are used as a “reference for news material on Limbaugh’s, Sean Hannity’s, and Mark Levin’s radio shows…[and] a source of topics for [Michael] Savage’s rants…”93 Indeed, the work of Alex Jones seemingly has its own echo chamber.

The reliance of the corporate media on Jones’ links has led to politicians literally being informed on particular matters by Jones. On April 15, 2013, at the Boston Marathon, two pressure cooker bombs exploded killing 3 people and injuring 264.94 Within hours of the bombing Jones tweeted “this thing stinks to high heaven #falseflag.”95 Jones claimed that the FBI was behind the attack and that they possibly did it because of a drop in price of gold.96 Later The Inquisitor out of Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana reported that Jones concluded “the true intention [of the attack] is to expand the Transportation Security Administration’s reach to sporting events.”97InfoWars had a reporter in Boston at the press conferences asking for proof the bombing was not a “false flag.”98 New Hampshire state representative Stella Tremblay (R) wrote on Glenn Beck’s Facebook page that she endorsed Jones’ theory about the government’s involvement in the Boston Bombing. She wrote, “Are you that blind that you’re not willing to ask questions of your government?”99 If it is blindness Tremblay was concerned with, then perhaps she should have looked at whom she was citing, and sought what evidence Jones actually provided beyond speculation. Of course, people should ask questions of government and other societal institutions. But they should also question news and information sources and hold them to basic journalistic standards by demanding evidence be clearly shown for claims, and employ critical thinking skills, not jump to conclusions. Tremblay resigned from office for reasons relating to this issue in June of 2013.


There is a War on Your Focus


Jones’ access to the mainstream media has resulted in the focus of controversial subjects moving from informed debate to Jones and his speculative, oft rant-like narratives. In 2013, the debate surrounding gun control erupted after the December 14, 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut where Adam Lanza killed twenty-six people.100 Jones was at the center of the debate in the corporate press fighting against gun control laws. Jones concluded that the government staged the shooting and that any gun control laws were an attempt by elites to control citizens.101

Jones supported a petition to the White House to deport CNN host Piers Morgan after Morgan supported gun control. By January 8, 2013, 106,000 US citizens signed a petition,102 that read in part: “British Citizen and CNN television host Piers Morgan is engaged in a hostile attack against the U.S. Constitution by targeting the Second Amendment…We demand that Mr. Morgan be deported immediately….”103 As in the Y2K scenario, Jones trumped up panic to support the NRA message arguing that “globalism and the megabanks that control the planet…they’ve taken everybody’s guns but the Swiss and the American people, and when they get our guns they can have world tyranny.”104 Jones’ advocacy of a petition to the US government may seem odd given his longstanding suspicion of that very same government. Though he has blamed the government for events from the Lusitania to 9/11, in this case he turned to that very same government to deport Morgan, whom he accused of supporting the government’s elite agenda.105

Jones appeared on Morgan’s CNN program where he reveled in his corporate media invitation and he shifted the focus from guns to himself. Jones spoke loudly and interrupted Morgan frequently and feverishly, refusing to answer questions and tossing insults at Morgan calling him a “hatchet man of the new world order.” In what can only be seen as a sensationalist tactic, Jones even challenged Morgan to a boxing match.106 This bizarre challenge from Jones came as Morgan dug for his guest to answer simple questions about the petition and the philosophy behind it. Jones sputtered off facts that could have made a counter-argument to gun legislation had they been organized and explained in a sensible and coherent manner. Instead, Jones went childish, spouting, “I can do a British accent as well” and proceeded to finish the interview imitating Morgan’s accent. Morgan later said of the Jones’ interview “It was startling, it was terrifying in parts, it was completely deluded. It was based on a premise of making Americans so fearful that they all rush out to buy even more guns…”107 Jones’ appearance earned him a profile in Forbes as he became the focus of the gun control story in numerous news outlets in January of 2013.108

In the hour following the interview, Jones went to the Internet in an attempt to establish his appearance on the show and especially his personal confrontation with Morgan as the predominant frame, thus distracting the audience from the more significant gun control debate. Jones then posted a 12-minute video online to make himself look like a hero who shook up the establishment at CNN in New York. For example, he compared himself to George Washington, who also came to New York against “fifteen to one odds.”109 Jones then spoke to the government in the camera “You may have domesticated people in New York City, but you do not have people in the heartland across this country…we are wise to you.”110 Then his voice grew more agitated, noting, “…you have not physically conquered us yet.”111 Then with an effort to boost ratings for the following day he closed with a cheerful voice, “Tomorrow, I should be back for the radio show…we are here in the middle of a mafia run syndicate….this could be the last video we put out.”112 His followers– just like in a 1960s TV episode of Batman– were encouraged to tune into the next episode of his show to find out what happened to Jones in New York.

Following the video and appearance the corporate press focused on Morgan and Jones’ feud rather than the gun control debate that had started it. On his show the following Tuesday, Jones said “I give myself about an ‘A’.” He claimed that “95% of people thought I just told it like it was, slammed him in the face” although he offered no proof for that number.113 He attempted to boost his ratings by confronting Morgan while Morgan broadcast his show live from a gun store in Texas.114 CNN directors ordered Jones and his cameraman outside, prompting Jones to respond, “You’re scared to have me back on.” Jones then proceeded to lead a protest outside the building.115 Jones claimed that Morgan was connected to the CIA and Obama.116 Morgan tweeted “Rather large protest growing outside…Feels slightly tyrannical, ironically.”117 Jones’ actions helped to shift the media’s focus from the gun control movement to his feud with Morgan.


The Jones Effect: Undermining Legitimate Research


The result of Jones making himself the focus of movements dealing with controversial subjects is comparable to the goals of government infiltration programs. For decades, the US government has planned to undermine activist groups through infiltration and disruption. For example, Ward Churchill and Jim Vander Wall documented how the FBI began its COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) to infiltrate and discredit political groups through radicalization and infiltration.118 Similarly, Tim Weiner documented how COINTELPRO, which began in 1956, was in fact the culmination of infiltration methods used by the FBI since 1908. Its original focus was to infiltrate the Communist Party of the US to “increase factionalism, cause disruption and win defections.”119 They employed tactics such as monitoring phone calls, conducting IRS audits, and falsifying documents.120 Through COINTELPRO the FBI later infiltrated civil rights and peace movements including Martin Luther King, Jr., the Black Panther Party, and anti-Vietnam War protests to note just a few.121 Contemporary government agencies continue to use the same infiltration programs and tactics against Occupy Wall St. and animal rights groups among others.122

Jones could be accused of “cognitive infiltration” in so-called truth movements by radicalizing people, inciting violence, and causing division, once he enters the topical picture.123 The events of 9/11 best illustrate how Jones’ bombastic behavior undermines legitimate evidence-based research movements. The 9/11 Truth Movement began after twelve relatives of 9/11 victims found the government’s official findings in The 9/11 Commission Report inadequate and misleading.124 The movement expanded to include many groups with various theories that collectively challenged the report’s validity.125 Over one hundred professors in the US have documented evidence-based problems with the government’s report.126 Many are involved in Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice who describe themselves as “a group of scholars and supporters endeavoring to address the unanswered questions of the September 11, 2001 attack through scientific research and public education.” 127 Their webpage analyzes the strengths and weaknesses concerning the evidence and lacking evidence of all 9/11 theories both official and alternative. They conclude that no theory provides a100% accurate understanding of what happened on 9/11.128

Jones’ involvement in the 9/11 Truth Movement has undermined legitimate 9/11 research as his claims regarding the topic (that the US government orchestrated the attacks) have been mostly speculative and unsubstantiated, and Jones is oft the source used when critics try to debunk the 9/11 Truth Movement. Jones’ reach via media catapults him into the public eye far more than other scholars that have been researching and meticulously documenting the events of 9/11 and the many factual problems associated with the government’s official reports. Jones became the mainstream face of the 9/11 Truth Movement, despite others in the very same movement who questioned Jones’ position and the evidence for it.129 Jones’ continuous radicalization eclipsed many in the 9/11 Truth Movement who disagreed with him. Jones has been known to physically take the spotlight from other protesters. In one case, he interrupted a protest with a bullhorn drowning out the people he claimed to support.130 Jake Blood explained that Jones does not allow for any diversion from his conclusions especially regarding 9/11.131 Those who did not agree with Jones, like Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina, were attacked by Jones and his followers. The result was Jones’ dismissal of those who disagree with him, unfortunately including actual evidence-based researchers.132

The corporate press has ignored most evidence-based researchers’ conclusions about 9/11 by falsely identifying anyone in the 9/11 Truth Movement with Jones and his unproven, sensationalist claims. Thus, following the 2013 Boston Bombing, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow argued that the 9/11 Commission Report and the Popular Mechanics volume titled “Debunking 9/11 Myths” refuted “9/11 truther” theories. She argued that contrary evidence had failed to dissuade advocates of continued 9/11 investigation because those beliefs are “too ideologically and, I think, emotionally satisfying to the people who espouse them.” She then attributed claims linking the Aurora, Colorado theatre shooting; the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut; and the Boston Marathon bombing as false flag operations to Alex Jones and his Internet radio show Infowars and Prison Planet website, thus making Jones the public face for all “conspiracy theories.”133 Reports like Maddow’s falsely associate the legitimate research of groups like Scholars for 9/11Truth & Justice with Jones’ factless speculation.134 This classic straw person fallacy makes for good propaganda against those who actually research and factually support their claims about controversial issues.

The ability of the corporate press to undermine the message of the 9/11 Truth Movement, one that questions official reports, by associating it with Jones results in part from tactics used by COINTELPRO and the CIA during the Cold War. Historically, the corporate media has lumped factual and speculative theories together under the set phrase of “conspiracy theory.”135 As scholar Lance deHaven-Smith has documented, the CIA coined the term “conspiracy theory” in the 1960s to undermine groups that challenged the government’s official narratives regarding controversial events. For example, the government designed “a global propaganda program to attack critics of the Warren Commission [The government’s account of the JFK assassination].”136 He argued that the CIA, through programs like Operation Mockingbird, had media outlets and journalists label those who challenged official historical narratives as “conspiracy theorists” which resulted in the media presenting all “conspiracies as discredited despite real conspiracies like Watergate existing.”137

The corporate media’s continuous claims that any questioning of the official 9/11 narrative put forth by the US government is tantamount to Jones’ speculative and unproven claims has led to self censorship. For 37 years, the student, faculty, and community-based Project Censored (PC) has reported on media censorship in the US. They release an annual book focused on censored news stories and news abuses by the corporate media. PC encountered its own censorship surrounding 9/11research when they reported on some of the unanswered questions surrounding the events of 9/11, in hopes of promoting further investigation. History professor and Project Censored director Mickey Huff explained, “We do not use speculative theory as a research method at PC. We think it is the role of the press to give factual information, ask tough questions, and find answers based on the known evidence, which is different than what Jones often does.”138

PC lost some financial and institutional support for its reports on the unanswered questions relating to 9/11 once Jones became the mainstream face of 9/11 research. Professor Robert Jensen and journalist Norman Solomon resigned from PC’s national judges board over PC’s 9/11 reporting. Several other people and organizations on the liberal/left end of the spectrum were increasingly divided over 9/11 issues. Even though PC has covered nearly a thousand stories and a wide array of topics since 1976, and is essentially an academic organization, they have been attacked as “9/11 conspiracy theorists” not only by more mainstream and/or corporate journalists, but also by media researchers, even though PC has covered only a few 9/11 related stories, and then, only after they were vetted.139

It seems that those who report on government propaganda in a throng of other incidences refuse to do the same with 9/11 in part because of involvement by people like Jones who make unfounded claims a centerpiece of any mention of the subject. But again, not all research and stories about 9/11 are equal. Some are actually supported by evidence, especially those looking into the many conflicts of interest and evidence suppression incidences associated with the 9/11 Commission and subsequent report.


Conclusion: The Truth is Out There, But it is Likely Not on Prison Planet


Alex Jones has built a minor media empire, and an increasingly prominent mainstream persona, on unfulfilled predictions and the distortion of evidence. Despite his failed predictions and hyperbolic claims, Jones continues to influence the corporate press.140 Whether he does it for personal profit, on behalf of a government program like COINTELPRO, or—as some critics have charged—in service of Startfor, a private intelligence company is ultimately of secondary importance.141 What matters most is that as a self-promoter with corporate media connections, Jones and his speculative reporting undermine the legitimate, evidence-based work of others who address the same controversial news stories. Dr. Peter Phillips argues that when Jones is involved in a movement the “defacto result is undermining legitimate research of government conspiracies, because Jones takes them to a radical extreme.”142 Mickey Huff argued that Jones fits the model of what the CIA and FBI wanted in the 1960s, if even unwittingly, which is creating someone who can “undermine legitimate researchers and political movements by fomenting distrust of those working in similar circles while sowing seeds of doubt in the public about alternative narratives to official accounts concerning controversial issues. Even if Jones is only out for himself, COINTELPRO couldn’t have created a better diversion from and disruptor for actual scholarly, factually supported research about state crimes against democracy and those who conduct it.”143

At least since William Miller and his Adventist divination, many people have posed as prophets—whether religious or secular—selling Americans prophecies that play on their most fundamental fears for private gain. Alex Jones is among the latest, and currently most influential, of these people. Those among the increasingly large audience who follow Jones and his claims should be alerted that, rather than warning of and protecting against the “war on your mind,” his broadcasts and publications are part and parcel of those battles. Like those before him, Jones profits on the American peoples’ fears; unlike Miller and others of his predecessors, he does so in an age of social media and corporate news, with the result being that his distorted perspective discredits genuine journalism and systemic research aimed at addressing the very fears that Jones perpetuates and by which he profits. The truth is out there, but it is based on facts and transparent sources, not faux elixirs and sensationalist claims peddled by a digital snake oil salesman who needs a war on your mind for his own financial well-being.

Special thanks go to Mickey Huff, Andy Lee Roth, and Peter Phillips for consultation, editing, and other assistance with this piece. Others declined to be interviewed for fear of retribution by Jones. I appreciate those who were willing to go on record candidly about Jones and his impact on social and political movements.

Nolan Higdon is a history instructor for multiple bay area colleges. He teaches US, California, Latin America, and critical thinking history courses. His academic work focuses on nation building through propaganda in the US and Latin America. Higdon began working as an intern for Project Censored in 2009 and currently operates as a faculty adviser and research fellow for the project. He has published entries and articles for Project Censored since 2011 Contact:


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  • Jill Pyeatt September 26, 2013

    I think this is just a hit piece to discredit Jones because he’s getting info out there. Most of us who read what he says understand that he’s a drama king and paints a worst-case scenario. But, most of what Alex Jones says contains at least some truth, which I can’t say about the mainstream media.

    • Henry October 2, 2013

      That’s just the problem; his drama taints any truth he might pass along.

    • elbuggo October 5, 2013

      “Disinfo must ALWAYS hide itself within a thick cloak of truth. Otherwise, no one would swallow the poison.” – nameofthepen

    • Nick Riegert October 12, 2013

      Hey, Nolan, since you’re a part of Project Censored, you may want to look at this report from last night’s Alex Jones television broadcast. This is Alex Jones and Anthony Gucciardi ( with a 45-minute presentation on the 100% censored story of the nuclear warheads stolen from Dyess AFB on September 3 and the coup of the American military? Oh, you haven’t heard about the September 3 theft of nuclear weapons from Dyess AFB? Probably because the MSM censored the story. Alex Jones broke it.

      Here’s Alex Jones’ breaking news report on this astoundingly important story that was completely censored by corporate media:

      You ought to reconsider the central premise of your piece.

    • KT Kacer July 16, 2014

      Jill, it’s a hit piece because he’s delusional, we should not be getting our news from the mentally ill, anymore than we should get it from ‘corporate media’ sources. And the danger of ‘some truth’ is that one can be seduced into thinking “well, he was right about X, so Y and Z must be true too” When in fact he constructed his fantasy from his sick mind to fit the one tiny portion of the truth he had in any given report.

      I’m not saying go with MSM, because I rarely watch any of the dreck either. You are far better off dealing with news sources with no agenda other than to report news and keep people informed like Project Censored, Democracy Now, other Free Speech TV sources, maybe even Wicki Leaks… also Canadian news is decent because unlike the United States, they have a “truth in broadcasting” law. It is the proimary reason Fox News is not broadcast there (for instance)

      Do not “feed” your inner by watching the likes of Alex Jones. He’s an entertainer, and one that will feed whatever mental illness you may be prone to.

  • j9ball September 26, 2013

    A few legitimate points and a lot of baseless assertions. Clearly his record on predictions is poor, although come on, the man deserves a couple of points for predicting in July 2001 an imminent major terrorist attack involving “someone like Bin Laden”. Even if he drew it from others’ predictions, that at least shows he’s paying attention. Which, according to the government’s own narrative, puts him one up on the entire intelligence apparatus.

    And you want to say that Rachel Maddow’s 9/11 idiocy is Alex Jones’ fault? Or are you just parroting her silly conclusions as a way of amplifying your own?

    The idea that he is embraced by the establishment as their sort of pet loony to delegitimize serious researchers’ allegations is interesting. It’s a matter of record that the technique of infiltrating, co-opting, and influencing critical groups to cause “cognitive dissonance” or define a so-called “limited hangout” are real government strategies.

    And for all I know you’re right about Alex Jones on this count. It’s certainly not implausible on the face of it. But you do a very poor job of making the case. Much of the article just dismisses Jones’ arguments without dealing with their substance. Because, at least some of the time, there is substance there, which deserves being dealt with.

    You sound, for example, as if you are simply snickering at the idea of ubiquitous elite conspiracies, and dismissing anyone for espousing such a notion. Is that wise? Winston Churchill didn’t think it was so funny when he spoke of the “High Cabal.” Dwight Eisenhower didn’t think it was too silly to make the military-industrial complex the focus of his farewell address. Does it seem to you like those types of powerful interests have gotten weaker since then?

    One is virtually forced to wonder who, in fact, is serving as the establishment’s way of limiting the boundaries of dissent.

    • Aoi October 2, 2013

      How does anyone call any of his shtick “predictions”, when the guy rattles off as many predictions as he can imagine? Some of them are bound to come true eventually. See “monkeys on typewriter eventually producing works of Shakespeare”. He would deserve credit if he could come up with elaborate amounts of detailed information: names, dates, specific details like “WTC 7 won’t get hit by a plane, but it will collapse at free-fall speed; the NTSC will investigate this for years and never rule conclusively on the reasons for the collapse; exactly x amount of time later, Bush will invade Iraq on the pretext of WMD, and x amount of people will die before a surge and Obama will b elected the first black president; the stock market will crash due to sub-prime mortgages in 2007″… Something like that — not “there will be a terror attack and they’ll blame bin laden” after they already had been blaming bin laden for terror attacks in the late 90’s, and even tried him in absentia. He was already a household name.

      Jones doesn’t predict anything at all. He imagines stuff, then says “I predicted blah blah blah before, so you can bet on this one”. Search youtube for “failed alex jones predictions” if you doubt this, especially if you think the guy has ever predicted anything ever.

      Prediction, if it isn’t some inspired voice from god in your head, usually requires some kind of actual method, investigation, and set of facts used to base a prediction on. If its done professionally, it is expressed as probabilities, and factors to justify the probabilities are listed, so one’s reasoning can be explained — not some ham-handed “oh gee boy gosh, you betcha, i sure know dey gonna doo dis yessiree-bob!” kind of BS Jones throws out on a daily basis.

      I predict an earthquake in asia will kill people and trigger a tsunami. I also predict that the US stock market will crash again. I also predict a terrorist attack will get blamed on muslim radicals.

      Prove that I didn’t actually predict any of these things.

  • oooorgle September 26, 2013

    Yeah what a bastard, it is all his fault that I am now an anarchist….

    • David R. Klampert October 1, 2013

      Well, at least you are headed in the right direction!

  • Fred Wolters September 27, 2013

    Suppose it’s true that Norman Solomon stopped supporting Project Censored because Alex Jones and PC both “question” (to put it mildly) the official 9/11 conspiracy theory? Does that mean that Alex Jones is to blame because Solomon considers Jones to be “the mainstream face of 9/11 research”? It seems more likely to me that Solomon, Rachel Maddow, and Jonathan Kay, et al, do not wish to think about 9/11 and are finding the easiest excuse, and that if there were no Alex Jones they would find something else to use.

    But what disturbs me the most about this article, apparently supported by both Peter and Mickey, is accusing Jones of being a COINTELPRO-like mole. To quote from the “Conclusion” section:
    “Despite his failed predictions and hyperbolic claims, Jones continues to influence the corporate press. Whether he does it for personal profit, on behalf of a government program like COINTELPRO, or—as some critics have charged—in service of Startfor, a private intelligence company is ultimately of secondary importance.” While I certainly agree that Jones has made “failed predictions and hyperbolic claims”, what else can you call accusing Jones, not in a straight-out way, but in a rather slimy “questioning” way, without evidence, of being an COINTELPRO agent, a private intelligence agent, greedy and unprincipled, anything, in short, but a journalist? And it is typical of the whole tone of the article, in my opinion.

    I too have doubts about many of the issues the author appears to depreciate, since he cites them, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Boston Bombing, the Lusitania, the idea that 9/11 was a false flag operation, distrust that FEMA and Homeland Security have my best interests at heart, and, yes, even some questions about Sandy Hook. What would Jonathan Kay, John Avlon, Norman Solomon and Rachel Maddow say about me? Does that link me to COINTELPRO? And, if not, is it just because I don’t have an audience?

    After cutting through all the ad hominem attacks (one of my favorites: “hard-core hater”), it seems to me that the main question is whether someone like Jones, who plays a bit loosely with facts sometimes (like the Prez: read today’s “Top 45 Lies In Obama’s U.N. Speech” by David Swanson) and is aggressive in dialog, is bound to be a liability for a cause. I think you have to take such factors into account, certainly, but you should balance them with other factors. In Jones’ case, the main other factors, in my opinion, are that he reaches many people with much good information and opinion, and that many of these people would not otherwise be reached at all. And his assertiveness, which perhaps makes a negative impression on many scholarly and genteel people, may strike others in a positive way. (I have to confess I enjoy his persona, I even liked his rant on the Piers Morgan show cited in the article, and I consider myself genteel and scholarly, to an extent.) And, by the way, the first time I heard anything “alternative” about the Oklahoma City bombing and the second time anything “conspiratorial” about the 9/11 attacks was when, while I was substitute teaching a Social Studies high school class, two students came up after class and handed me a video tape of one of Jones’ films. In my opinion, Jones doesn’t come out to badly in the balance. Let a thousand flowers bloom.

    I suggest that readers every once in a while visit, just to see what Jones is up to. You’ll find it to be a mixed bag — libertarian, a few digs at ObamaCare and gun laws, and a lot about civil liberties issues. You probably won’t find anything about extraterrestrials or numerology. Go ahead! You probably won’t be contaminated and you might even learn something.

    • Nathan Laurenson May 15, 2014

      Fred Wolters I like you well thought out response I Started a webite looking for people interested in liberty truth to write for site I try to write a couple articles a week but need help if you are interested contact me on site or email me at

  • j golden September 28, 2013

    THIS ARTICLE about alex jones is disagreeable, IS WAY TOO LONG AND the type is too hard to read!

    i also wonder if the author has ever listened or watched the alex jones shows since he seems to need so many other people’s opinions and quotes from 1833. huh?

    alex is too easy to criticize cause he’s out there a lot and expresses a lot of things. i really like his site and most of everything he does (except the ads. but )
    i wish people would criticize one of the msm personalities instead. how about criticizing some of them who lie and thoughtlessly give us misinfo propaganda everyday. would you pull one of them apart personally? not so much.
    so why alex jones? it seems totally ridiculous to me and unreasonable, seriously.

    alex has a great production, 24 hour listen/watch, lots of excellent guests and information, articles, call-ins, has made great videos, shows other people’s videos, gets out in the crowds, speaks his mind, is not cruel, is not mean, is not crass, and i love his energy, spirit, and goals.
    his show introduced *me* to a lot of 911 truth.. loosechange and wearechange, for instance.

    sometimes he rants and says a lot of things, and he asks why other people aren’t more impatient, especially parents with kids who will have to put up with worse, or already do, if we don’t change things. i agree with his impatience and like his personal spirit. .. not every one of his projects and opinions, but most. he encourages people to research on their own, above all.

    there was a great interview and EXCELLENT article lately about alex in a good publication, i think it was in rollingstone..? GQ? sorry i forget, but it was a better look, very very interesting, much more fair, AND a lot easier to read! : )
    alex is very cool, smart, and good hearted. not a rush limbveimar or … fake msm plaster newscaster!

    • Fergy November 9, 2013

      Yes I got the drift about halfway down the article. A pure hit on Alex Jones. So I concur withe comment who is COINTELPRO here?Alex makes money…so what… everyone has to make a living and more importantly he has used a lot of his profits to produce a very professional presentation. Sure sometimes he’s off the wall, but generally speaking he has providing some excellent stuff, not reported elsewhere.He has ben accused of being fallacy based, but most times having checked his main stories I find this not to be the case.

  • j golden September 28, 2013

    INTERVIEW with alex in September’s esquire magazine.

    even they present the controversy and a wild picture to start
    (yours is preferable to me ) but if you read it (or actually check out his site more often and watch for free ) I think you see a fairer picture of mr jones.

  • You nerd September 28, 2013

    This is a article that was written very likely by a CIA agent or something.
    There is no worst blind person then one that does not want to see.
    Who ever wrote this is BLIND ON PURPOSE.
    I do not trust in everything Alex has to say.
    Alex’s proof of an elite asking for a one world government are videos of idiots like Rockefeller family members claiming that they need a new world order… one world government, that means, It is not Alex saying that they want to do it, it is the people Alex blame for this agenda that come out on camera saying “WE NEED A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT”
    Keep up your blindness.
    The day you die you will stand before Christ, I do not want to see your face that day because it might be too terrible to see your expression as you are judged.

    • mumbles October 17, 2013

      What about him getting invited to that event full of supposed one-worlders, but on his dvd acting like he snuck in. If thats true its pretty much proof he blatantly lies for profit or a hidden agenda

  • Curtis West September 28, 2013

    Nolan must not like freedom, the constitution, and family values, because your report does not even reflect who the person of Alex Jones is.

    Anyone who has been a listener for some time will see that this report is biased, and flavoured to discredit him, but you have done this to yourself. Alex gets things wrong sometimes, and he will be the first to admit this.

    Why don’t you cite other sources like the Center For Research on Globalization, and hundreds of other sources which are proven, and have been on his program, former heads of state, former White House Advisors, which would be credible?

    I think you are a paid troll.

    Ball is in your court sir.

  • Daniel September 30, 2013

    What a hatchet job! Not a single independent link provided to substantiate any of the claims made in this article. Alex Jones invariably provides references and links to external sources for verification of claims made in his broadcasts.

    • Kjeld Duits October 1, 2013

      Please see the notes at the bottom of the article, Daniel. There are over 140 notes referencing sources Nolan used, the majority of them with links.

      • Andrew October 2, 2013

        I see the sources, but they don’t prove the several claims made here that Jones doesn’t cite sources himself. This article is unproductive, why bash Alex Jones when he is waking up more people than the rest of alternative media put together?

  • Greg October 1, 2013

    Having listened to him for about three years, I come up with this assessment. I enjoy his antiwar stance and enjoy many of his guests. And I don’t enjoy many of his guests. Sure he has W. Tarpley, Max Keiser, John Perkins, Chris Hedges but he always seems more in his element with the more crustier conservative types like Joel Skousen. Most alarming to me is his frequent guest (not Ted Nugent…ew) but Joel Skousen. The man sells bomb shelters and “strategic relocation” services in case of the event that the elites nuke the 80% of the human population. So the good ole humanity loving libertarians can hole up, comfortably in their underground bunkers while everyone else sizzles. Jones always proports to love humanity but…Skousen apparently doesn’t give a rats ass. Jones seems to adhere to the John Birch wing of conspiratorial thought but to each his own. Some people are investigative and genteel when faced with the strange facts of 911…and some people freak the F out. Especially in our age of information overload. Jones seems to have caught the crest of that wave and is surfing it. I don’t have a problem with it. The only thing I am really suspicious of is his seemingly blind devotion to the Tea Party and the Pauls. I listened to him quite a bit and heard hardly a peep critisizing them. Ron Paul hit the campaign trail giving hearty lip service to overseas wars, the drug war, civil liberties, many admirable things. However. He always gave most of his heart and energy to promoting the glorious Free Market. Let’s face it, the Free Market is Free Trade. Free Trade is globalization. Globalization is globalist control. So are they stealthily supporting the “global elites”? Is Paul triangulating to bring the Independents back towards the Republican party? That’s my suspicion. Jones could be doing it unknowingly, blinded by his media ambitions. Libertarians could debate me strongly on these issues and that’s fine. I like Libertarians but don’t agree with them. Libertarians are anarchists at heart: I’m a progressive. I believe government has a good role to play (even I flipflop there). What leftwing Alex Jones listeners like me need to keep in mind is: are we anarchists? Not me. That’s why I’m not a Libertarian although I must admit it’s attractive. At most I do consider them a fairly rational opposition, considering how compromised our national parties are. So to sum it up, it’s okay to listen to Jones but…beware. Are you a conservative? He is.

  • David R. Klampert October 1, 2013

    An excellent article! Initially I too was attracted to Jones but after seeing several of his programs I realized that he was all hyperbole and sensationalism with nothing of substance; and yes, he does do a tremendous dis-service to legitimate truth seeking movements. It is an interesting observation that Jones could be a double agent for a COINTELPRO and / or Stratfor double agent.

    • Marz October 3, 2013

      It is not an excellent article. It’s dreck. More likely is: someone going to this much trouble to create a fake case against the VIP that is the king of the truther movement is the agent. I suspect you are in on it with him. Alex has awakened more people than anyone else EVER will. He daily (almost and for hours each) hammers home the truth of the global elite and their goal of total global domination. He and his staff research tirelessly to bring out the examples as they appear of the decent into tyranny and they constantly add them to the complicated mosaic that is international oligarchy. No one else is coming close to his thoroughness. Granted: he isn’t perfect, but no one is. He makes up for his imperfections by being prolific and constantly reminding the listener of the bigger picture. He has guts and that is what is needed now more than ever because we are losing this battle.

      • Anonymous October 7, 2013

        Alex Jones is a con-artist and a snake oil salesman. Nothing more.

  • Dick McManus October 2, 2013

    Very good verbalizing what I find bad about Alex Jones.

    The false US Imprisonment of Susan Lindauer and denial of a speedy trail

    five pages at:
    Source: Extreme Prejudice by Susan Lindauer

  • Dick McManus October 2, 2013

    The best u-tube videos of the evidence of Sept. 11th explosions

    The Air Force did not turn off war games until American Airlines flight 93 had crashed. A major part of the some 14 war games on-going on Sept. 11th, were the insertion of false radar returns (or blips) onto the NORAD radar screens. Secondly, the military computer network was on its lowest level of anti-hacking posture. Most likely putting the Air Force computer/commo network on a high level of anti-hacking security level would slow down the speed of sending emails/internet communication/data.

    Furthermore real live airplanes were being used to simulate hijacked aircraft.
    The following U-tube is a damn good explanation of how someone planned the 9/11 attack within the Air Force. Someone also had to know where FAA radar had very poor or no coverage of the airspace and so that the commercial airplanes turned off their transponders.
    part two of three The round exit hole in the C ring was caused by rescuers who used explosives to cut a hole to fight the fire. They cut three holes the same size as we see in this video.
    part 3 of 3

    150 probable cause reasons for a new Congressional investigation of 9/11
    9/11 – Irrefutable Evidence parts 1 to 8
    68 pages

  • Jack Blood October 2, 2013

    I applaud you for writing such an expansive article. It is a good thing to re-MIND the clones and sycophants of so many failed predictions; while questioning the motives of such a me first media personality… I did find at least one glaring mistake. GCN is not an “affiliate” of ABC. They merely rent satellite time from them (as a means to deliver “programming” to radio stations across the uSA and beyond). This distortion has been repeated many times on the web, and should be corrected on your part. Thanks for the mentions… I did ONE show about Jones because he had a hand with the Neo (Tea O) Cons in defeating Mrs Medina for Gov of Texas (She and her staff were as close to what Jones says he wants in Government as you can get). So… We got more Rick Perry (Alex’s buddy), and then Goldman Sachs Ted Cruz etc… He did that because they wouldn’t offer him the glory for their success in defeating the establishment, which they were poised to claim for ALL Texans. I know this for a fact! — Jones is so much worse that my report or your story, but who has the time to deal with all of it? I think its fair to say that at some point most everyone moves on from his “Prison Planet” and his ‘War for your minds’ – FEAR PORN – so I say to those angry with us now… just wait… you’ll get it at some point! ~ Jack Blood (Artist, researcher, Activist, Pod-caster)

    • J.T. Waldron October 3, 2013

      Alex Jones and Amy Goodman are part of the diminishing cult of personality. Their time has past. Project Censored had the courage to tackle some of the anomalies of 9/11 that are enough to fuel anyone’s doubts about the official narrative. For their efforts, they met a great deal of resistance due to clowns like Alex Jones and by the intellectually lazy progressives that rely on guilt by association as a means of avoiding any critical analysis themselves.

      Jones had it coming and it’s time he pick up his chips and find a new game.

  • Fred Klein October 3, 2013

    You wrote: “Dick McManus October 2, 2013 3:13 am edit

    The best u-tube videos of the evidence of Sept. 11th explosions

    The Air Force did not turn off war games until American Airlines flight 93 had crashed.” SLOPPY SLOOPY !!…should be UAL, not AA.

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi October 3, 2013

    we know exactly what the controlled reptile ‘news’ media is –

    we know where to find honesty compassion intelligence guts

  • Scott October 3, 2013

    Two words: Bill Cooper.
    He warned the USG would use Bin Laden as their patsy AND not to believe anything Jones said.
    The the feds killed him

    • mumbles October 17, 2013

      Any links or info on this you can point me in the direction of please

  • Us objector October 4, 2013

    Crap article. Ad hominem attacks that uses anti-conspiracy theorist paid shills like Jonathan Kay. So is Project Censored being taken over like Popular Mechanics was to “debunk” 9/11 conspiracy theories with “research” conducted by Michael Chertoff’s nephew?

    Paid sock puppets come up with articles meant to divide the 9/11 truth movement. This one seems Ike a psy-op intended to stop the surge in Alex Jones’ audience of 15 million people. Lots of luck with that. Give Alex Jones two listens and see how lame and pathetic this PC hit piece is.

    Here’s how Professor James Tracy thinks this piece discredits Project Censored.

    • Nolan October 8, 2013

      Following the publication of my article, “DisinfoWars: Alex Jones War on Your Mind,” I was disheartened to read a blazing critique of the piece and Project Censored–who published it–from James Tracy. Given that we both worked on Censored 2014: Fearless Speech in Fateful Times, which was released just a few days before his critique, I would have assumed Tracy would have contacted Project Censored or me about the release of his article: “With ‘Disinfo Wars’ Project Censored Abandons Principles.” However, he did not and consequently released a critique chock-full of omissions and distortions.
      Tracy cherry picked and misrepresented the sources used in my essay. He disingenuously wrote that my essay “is based largely on the work of writers such as Alex Seitz-Wald, Jeremy Stahl, Mark Potok, Alexander Zaitchik, and Jonathan Kay, media personalities like Rachel Maddow, and dubious if not defamatory websites including “RationalWiki” and “AlexJonesDebunked.” However, he ignored the data from Media Matters, interviews with people who knew and worked with Jones such as Doctor Peter Phillips and radio host Jake Blood, the scholarly work of UC Davis History professor Kathryn Olmsted, Florida State University professor Lance deHaven-Smith, and the work of James Tracy himself, articles from Jones’ websites Infowars and PrisonPlanet, and Jones’ radio show and interviews. Tracy falsely insinuated that I support Maddow’s critique of Jones and the 9/11 Movement. Quite the contrary, I cite Maddow’s fallacious views as part of a reactive problem to people like Jones. However, I referenced her to document how corporate press personalities silence debate on controversial subjects through Jones’ work, and others like him that get widespread attention. I wrote “The corporate press has ignored most evidence-based researchers’ conclusions about 9/11 by falsely identifying anyone in the 9/11 Truth Movement with Jones and his unproven, sensationalist claims.”
      Tracy’s critique focused on lambasting the cherry picked sources instead of addressing the actual evidence in the Jones article. Some of the piece’s strongest evidence —ignored by Tracy—were Jones’ own words. The litany of unfulfilled predictions, flat out wrong statements, and speculative conclusions by Jones demonstrate a pattern of making things up for profit, fame, or some other, undefined reason. Rather than address why this is a problem for other scholars who look into similar controversial subjects once Jones becomes a mainstream face of the topic, Tracy defends Jones and his websites, citing Jones as a “skilled interviewer.”
      Tracy does critique the overall thesis of my essay. He argues that Jones is the face of the 9/11 movement because of a vacuum created by the “timidity or disinterest of Progressive-Left scholars” on the subject, and that “Such indifference long-preceded the popularity of Infowars,..” Tracy is right on this point, and that is why I cited this exact claim in my piece by explaining where that “timidity” comes from, “The ability of the corporate press to undermine the message of the 9/11 Truth Movement, one that questions official reports, by associating it with Jones results in part from tactics used by COINTELPRO and the CIA during the Cold War.” My essay argued that the timidity Tracy discusses does not come from a vacuum, it has an origin– the specific causes vary by time and topic– but the contemporary source for many controversial subjects is Jones and the corporate press which peddle him.
      The hypocrisy of Tracy in his article is disheartening as he lambastes all of Project Censored for an article written by one individual. Tracy accused my essay of erroneously introducing Jones’ speculation as tantamount to all of Infowars’ reporting: “‘Disinfo Wars’ fails to distinguish between Jones’ on-air antics and Infowars’ journalism.” Then in an illuminating act of hypocrisy, Tracy does what he accused me of doing, by arguing that my essay is representative of the entire Project Censored organization despite it having been written by a single author, myself. “The notion,” Tracy writes, “that the entity [Project Censored] would lash out at any public figure in such a fashion is troubling.” He falsely claims that “PC has chosen to abandon its own essential impartiality to assail one of its own honorees,” despite the byline which identifies myself, not Project Censored, as the author. Further, outside this one article which I wrote, Tracy offers no evidence for why he feels there has been a growing trend, especially among the leadership of the Project, whom Tracy speaks with on a relatively regular basis.
      Most troubling is that Tracy’s article promotes censorship through its insinuation that any criticism of Jones and his websites is tantamount to censorship. Tracy argued that PC practices censorship and my essay was an effort to blame it on Jones. He argued that PC “now derogates a media personage [Jones] and outlet [Infowars] producing undeniably important work that is at least as concerned and focused on corruption in high places, threats to civil liberties, and an extremely dangerous American foreign policy as the journalism generated by the array of Progressive news media PC increasingly tends to celebrate.” Tracy’s claim insinuates that despite the glaring inconsistencies and lack of evidence in Jones’ and Infowars’ work, Project Censored should not criticize them because they produce some good work. This artificial measuring system created by Tracy—for who can and cannot be criticized—is essentially arguing that, even though Project Censored knows people like Jones peddle falsehoods, the Project should censor itself because it shares (some) common interests with Jones on other issues. Thus, critiquing Jones, Infowars, and anything that resembles them for behaving in a specious manner—like the very corporate media PC has critiqued for over four decades—is off limits, because they share a common goal which supersedes their commitment to truth.
      The Project has published full chapters applying the propaganda model to the left progressive press and lack of coverage of issues like 9/11 and election fraud, and has regularly critiqued Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! The Project did this again in their newest book Censored 2014 (which also published two pieces by Tracy, one on conspiracy panics) in a piece by John Pilger which points out liberal foundations and censorship in the left progressive press. Jones’s work, like the work of any journalistic outlet with wide viewership, should not be beyond critique.
      The work of Tracy is still something to be read and discussed. I welcome debate on this subject and any other. I applaud people like Tracy who want to have dialogue on these subjects, but it is in the best interest for all of us if we stick to the facts and not misrepresent the scholarship of either person. I hope for a continued relationship between Tracy, Project Censored, and myself, focused on maintaining the free flow of information as well as continued dialogue about Jones and his effects on movements.

      Nolan Higdon, “Disinfo Wars: Alex Jones’ War on Your Mind,” Project Censored. September 26, 2013, accessed October 5, 2013.
      James Tracy, “With “Disinfo Wars” Project Censored Abandons Principles,” Memory Hole. October 3, 2013, accessed October 5, 2013.

      • Us objector October 10, 2013

        Good of Nolan Higdon to respond to Prof. Tracy’s critique of his Alex Jones essay on Project Censored, but Higdon continues to be in denial about his sources and the central theme of his piece.

        He claims that Jones is always wrong about his predictions and then backs into this premise by citing paid “anti-conspiracists” like Alexander zaitchik, Jonathan Kay, and Alex Seitz-Wald. Higdon is so flat-out wrong, that his PC essay is irredeemably, fatally flawed. The least Higdon could have done is actually spend some time listening to Alex Jones rather than making it seem as if he did real research by citing 100+ footnotes sourcing paid shills who demonize anyone who questions 9/11.

        Here’s what I don’t understand. Is Higdon an unshakable believer of the official government account of 9/11, or does he believe there’s more to the story? If he is the former, then his motive for demonizing Alex Jones is readily apparent, and he can take his place proudly next to hacks like Seitz-Wald and Jonathan Kay. (Still, his piece has no place whatsoever on Project Censored.)

        But if he’s the latter, then he is dangerously off-the-mark. Alex Jones breaks stories that are constantly censored by the MSM. His citations are impeccable. Some of his predictions may not come true because HE EXPOSES THE FALSE FLAG before it happens.

        With uninentional humor, Higdon wrote “The corporate press has ignored most evidence-based researchers’ conclusions about 9/11 by falsely identifying anyone in the 9/11 Truth Movement with Jones and his unproven, sensationalist claims.”. This is a shocking statement from someone who works on Project Censored. No, Noel, the corporate press doesn’t report on 9/11 because THE MEDIA IS CONTROLLED.

        Nolan Higdon had a real story here, but he was too busy reading tripe from and Snopes to get it. The real story was and is, why is Alex Jones the only radio show with millions of listeners who reveals all the stories censored by the corporate media? In this sense, Alex jones is on the same side of the information war as Project Censored. That’s why Higdon’s piece is not only flawed, but why it has absolutely no place whatsoever on the Project Censored website.

  • etnik etnuk October 5, 2013

    Jones has his faults, he exaggerates and sometimes he’s loose with the facts. But so is this article. For instance, I listened to the episode where he allegedly claimed the oklahoma tornado was a government sponsored weather weapon. A caller made that suggestion, not jones. Jones essentially said that weather weapons are real (they are) and in that sense one could never be sure. It was an offhanded comment, nothing more. As far as the OKC bombing and 9/11, you don’t need jones to know that at least 3 high powered bombs were planted inside the federal building (the local news feeds are out there, youtube “okc bombing rare”), that the 3 WTC buildings were brought down by controlled demolition, and that covering up these events requires high level government complicity. 9/11 and the war on terror is staged managed fiction and high treason to this country, seemingly for the purpose of turning it into a police state. One is forced to speculate about who is behind it all, but the agenda is clear, and the history of the permanent government’s involvement in pure evil from iran to el salvador demonstrates that this is no time for complacency or “left-right” division. Jones is sounding the alarm and I applaud him for that. Compared to the impotence and sheepishness of the left “peace studies” crowd, jones is doing something useful. I listen to him to find out what’s going on in the world because he has high level government/military sources, as would be expected of his demographic. That what really makes him worth listening to. False flag and staged events are a staple of modern statecraft. Seriously, how could it be otherwise when you’re running an empire?

  • Pete Wilbur October 5, 2013

    I was very interested in this article.. I find Alex Jones to do pretty good work and puts out alot of good info. I am not a daily follower of anything of that sort. I started to have problems with this article as soon as you started to talk about Waco. You state that “agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) killed seventy-six people—known as the Branch Davidians—for illegally stockpiling weapons.” This is very far from the truth. The fact is that it is completely legal to stockpile weapons. The raid was over the group allegedly buying parts to make semi-auto weapons fully auto.

  • elbuggo October 6, 2013

    This was a much too kind report on AJ. Wasn’t anything here on his “the Arabs own Hollywood”, for instance. He is working for the gang or tribe who control the MSM. Alex Jones is part of the HUGE controlled opposition. He is one of THEM!

    • Anonymous October 7, 2013

      So is Project Censored, unfortunately.

  • Anonymous October 7, 2013

    Alex Jones said that he comes from a CIA family, during an interview with the Opie & Anthony radio show on April 14, 2013. Here is the audio clip:

  • Anonymous October 7, 2013

    Alex Jones’ wife’s father, Edmund Lowe Nichols, is a retired high level US Government diplomat. You can read his biography here:

  • CandideSchmyles October 10, 2013

    I am in complete agreement with the basic tenets of this article. I find Alex Jones to be an arrogant bully shamelessly self promoting and peddling his overpriced products to a gullible audience. The harm he is doing to true investigative journalism is incalculable. It is good to see him called on his BS by people who do want to see the facts explored.

  • dan October 10, 2013

    what a crap article, guess I’m done getting the Project books, you guys are full of it

  • phoho October 10, 2013

    This article is comical! “yea sheeple, Dont listen to alex, he is trying to make money! trillions of dollars he is making! thats why he is wrong! Regards, NSA”

  • Eric Kiesling Thompson October 21, 2013

    I actually cannot believe I just read this. I have a masters degree from SF State, and I taught critical thinking there. This article really reeks of state input. Alex Jones is not perfect, and has many personal beliefs that are antagonistic to mine. However, he is not inventing his story to make himself rich. I’m a little pissed off that anyone would argue that opinion. Obviously, your “research” consisted of listening to a few minutes of a few shows. I would personally protect this man in a physical manner, even allowing that I have my own wife and daughter at home, because he is the ONLY MAN willing to speak truth to power in these time of utter LIES.

    I used to believe in this site, but I have now been shown your true colors.

    In the case you think I’m some kind of troll, I’m providing you with my contact info:

    Eric Kiesling Thompson
    2628 St. Andrews Dr.
    Brentwood, CA 94513

    I’m sure you can find my phone number from that, if you want.

    Your site is discredited after this ridiculous article.

    Alex is not perfect. He does work tirelessly to root out the truth. Act more like him, and maybe, just maybe, we won’t burn.

    Eric Kiesling Thompson
    Brentwood, CA

    • andrew January 10, 2014

      Hey Eric. Alex Jones is now willing to sell you a lot more truth. You might need a second job? Selling the truth for money now that’s a plan any banker would love! Guess Alex believes if you can’t beat them why not join them! Think if you and I were to ever meet in person I might need a bottle of Alex’s man syrum. Maybe check out your idols frothing attack on the Pierce Morgan show. Add a mustache and yell zeke heil!

  • Tim October 26, 2013

    While I agree that he is very much a self promoting, profit seeker those are qualities you need in the media (main stream or internet). He does over do it and rants way too much.

    That said I think you underestimate the effectiveness of his “style” if you will. Consider whom he is broadcasting to. Americans mostly. Not slagging citizens of the USA but with a 20-25% illiteracy rate and a love of “in your face” behaviour (sports, business & TV interviewers) his style plays well.

    He has also been instrumental in getting millions of people aware of various issues. His repeated interviews with Dr Rokke (depleted uranium), Dr Connett (fluoride in the water) and Jeffery Smith (genetically modified organisms in the food supply) are examples. Dr Connett for one openly says the video that the Alex Jones crew did was masterful and a key element in his campaign.

    I don’t think he is cointelpro either by design or accident. He has got far too many people involved for that. My simple way of looking at people in the field is if they are saying “don’t worry, help is on the way so you don’t have to do anything” then they are cointel. Think of Wanta and Fullford and you get the idea.

    If they are actively trying to get people involved and doing something about the issues then they are mostly not.

    I know even the real cointel types release some valid information and even those that are not cointel can inadvertently do the work of those they hate. It is a very messed up business.

  • Lulu October 26, 2013

    Jones is a drama queen as is typical for his star sign the Tiger. Check out birth date and compare comments and you will see that he is a reflection of just that. This means he acts in good faith and is prepared to stick his gutsy neck for truth to the public. This is a lot more than I can say about most others even in the alternative media. How about some respect for this relentless man who is prepared to go all the way even in his early days when he had a total lack of finance and support.
    Although I only listen perhaps once a week he predicted so many things to be spot on before anyone else. People who don’t know by now that the Elite control legislation through their control of the money have no idea of history as this has been going on for certainly hundreds of years if not beyond. What would journalism be without the odd blaster of radical critical comments who force people to wake up.
    This is exactly what we need in an ever more complacent society with mainstream news commentators who only care about their next face lift and have no own opinion.
    Be warned that the social media commenting such as face book is used to allow unqualified discrediting of people. It has become increasingly unpopular to be an intellectual as one cannot easily control such individuals. Just go back a mere 30 years when people were still different and more unique in their own ways and think very critically why this was so desperately undermined. They want sheep who cannot act on their own and I am afraid that they have largely succeeded so we need folks like Alex Jones who force people to wake up before it is too late.

  • Lulu October 26, 2013

    Jones is a drama queen as is typical for his star sign the Tiger. Check out birth date and compare comments and you will see that he is a reflection of just that. This means he acts in good faith and is prepared to stick his gutsy neck for truth to the public. This is a lot more than I can say about most others even in the alternative media. How about some respect for this relentless man who is prepared to go all the way even in his early days when he had a total lack of finance and support.
    Although I only listen perhaps once a week he predicted so many things to be spot on before anyone else. People who don’t know by now that the Elite control legislation through their control of the money have no idea of history as this has been going on for certainly hundreds of years if not beyond. What would journalism be without the odd blaster of radical critical comments who force people to wake up.
    This is exactly what we need in an ever more complacent society with mainstream news commentators who only care about their next face lift and have no own opinion.
    Be warned that the social media commenting such as face book is used to allow unqualified discrediting of people. It has become increasingly unpopular to be an intellectual as one cannot easily control such individuals. Just go back a mere 30 years when people were still different and more unique in their own ways and think very critically why this was so desperately undermined. They want sheep who cannot act on their own and I am afraid that they have largely succeeded so we need folks like Alex Jones who force people to wake up before it is too late. The lobbyist media control even employ people who are paid handsomely to place unqualified spam against the truthers all over the net, is this not proof just how much they are hiding? Is it not clear that our world is run by betrayal on the public because otherwise we would not need the ever increasing alternatives to set things straight.

    • Francis L. Goodwins October 27, 2013

      Hey Nolan,
      Thanks for a well-reasoned, thoroughly researched and very convincing analysis. Of course, it would be more entertaining to see you raving in a video, calling Jones a motherf**ker, and banging your shoe on the table, but hey, that’s what television and the movies are for!

    • andrew mather January 10, 2014

      I stopped reading after Jones was born under the tiger sign.

  • Lee Anderson November 7, 2013

    For some reason American’s demand melodrama and Jones delivers in that regard. He also is talking about real issues that the corporate/bankster-owned media will not talk about. I do get the point that Jones can take away from legitimate inquiry. This just goes to show that people should not conform to group think and should not follow blindly, no matter who it is. THINK FOR YOURSELF, QUESTION EVERYTHING, DON’T BE FOOLED AGAIN.

    But, why hasn’t the media followed up on the oil companies in Iraq and Afghanistan? BP is in the Rumalia Oil fields adjacent to Basra, the city Britain invaded and occupied in this highly illegal war. Why did OUR CIA intervene and overthrow the Mossadegh government in Iran in 1953 and install the corrupt ultra-materialistic Shaw who immediately turned over the oil rights from national control to British BP? Could that be the Rothschilds’ world central banking influence, or Carrol Quigly’s Anglo/American Empire? the British Pilgrim Society?

    One thing is for sure, if anyone thinks that two jet liners dropped three skyscrapers they are either lying or naïve. Think about it this way. To professionally implode a skyscraper, the typical method is to blow up the massive concrete central staircase structure that descends well below ground level, with high explosives, then using a computer program, sequence the cutting or explosive charges of the high strength vertical steel columns inside and outside the buildings on nearly every floor. In any controlled demolition you can hear the biggest explosions going off first, the concrete core is being fractured, the building only shudders, then the inner columns are set of sequentially approximating free fall rate and the outer columns are set off a split second later. This allows the inner columns to collapse and pull the outer columns into the footprint of the building. In the case of the Twin Towers it was a top down sequence because the fear of the extreme height of the 1,100 foot buildings could topple as it was collapsing. Building No. 7 was a perfect example of a typical bottom up implosion. No random fire can produce a perfect symmetrical collapse. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!

    So that is what happened. That is what we saw, what we heard, what hundreds of witness spoke about, what professional demolitions experts say is what happened. We witnessed three nearly perfect controlled demolitions on 9/11. To believe otherwise is to believe one can go up to about the 75 floor of a building, or 85 floor, apparently it’s not critical, and then weaken several of the inner columns, build a diesel or jet fuel fire, wait an hour or so and the exact same results as a highly technical controlled demolition will occur. It’s ridiculous and anyone claiming those three buildings collapsed as a result of the two jets has no concept whatsoever of real physics.

    Whether Jones is over dramatizing these issues or even profiting from conspiracy theories is a minor issue. The main issue is that the biggest mass murders in American history ran the country for eight years.

    By the way, one final note. Anyone who thinks the Cheney/Bush PNAC neocons are not that diabolical and would never conceive such evil horror only has to consider how falsified evidence and lied us into the Iraq wars that costs hundreds of thousands of lives. Why would Cheney and the energy cretins be looking at maps of Iraq’s oil fields during Cheney’s secret Whitehouse Energy meeting BEFORE 9/11 if they didn’t already know that we would soon be presented with a reason for invading, dubious as it was.

    • TheLordDraco November 8, 2013

      What he said.

    • John November 10, 2013

      I could have not said it better … The way they destroy Alex is just like a phony anti establishment plant would do … Really…. such vitriol against anything he says. This site is probably run by the feebs anyway

    • sticky February 8, 2014

      Exactly. Well said

  • Rick November 18, 2013

    Cointel Pro all the way with AJ for mine. The system relies on a substantial amount of truth interlaced with some some crazy stuff to muddy the water. Note that in most if not all of Jones’ interviews instead of his spending time establishing that he is a sane and rational human being with a serious point of view, he goes out of his way to make sure that anyone other than his Branch Davidians think he is a nut job. If he isn’t hooked up with one faction of the intelligence system I will eat my tinfoil hat.

  • Ronald Jackson November 22, 2013

    Very good analysis on a subject that can become very convoluted. One thing that seems ‘missing’ in this article (and often gets left out by progressives when discussing Alex Jones): He is a blatant race baiter, and he’s been getting away with it. I’ve been recording Jones’ radio show for my own upcoming presentation on the subject: racism is often a subtext in his ‘get ready for Armageddon” rants and he uses race as a ‘dog whistle’ to summon the right-wing/militia segment of his audience.

  • Devan Cordell November 30, 2013

    Alex Jones has immense P.T. Barnum skills but does mix his wild dramatizations with actual facts… O.K.? Let it go already! In any case, you might do better with your time by reading through the long, serious and sad books of real researchers (such as James Bamford and James S. Henry) to get straight on conspiracy theory and conspiracy facts, or assemble the hard research literature from plain old sites like
    My media bookmarks presently contain 99 “alternative news” WEB sites — where I get almost all my news now; the mainstream stuff is just simply cartoons, but Alex’s sites are not listed in the 99 either.
    But one real problem with Nolan Higdon’s apparent knowledge base exists: He seems to have bought the 911 story by the Bush Administration!?! (Noam Chomsky did — but he may be getting senile.) 911 was the ultimate outrage, and remains unresolved. But there are thousands of certified architects, structual engineers, physicists, chemists, remote sensing experts (me), professional pilots, law enforcement officers and legal investigators — all with no reason to lie or profits to take in — that have pointed out the glaring holes in Bush’s NeoCon fantasy story.
    Would the “Government” (whoever that is) risk making such a 911 action-adventure, Bruce Willis type, entertainment MOVIE spectacular, to woo the dummies into war? Why not? After all, some sophisticated, well-honed conspiracy group got by with the coup-d’etat of John Kennedy.
    911 is the question of the ages…911 is not going to go away, not ever. A real national/international 911 integrative investigation – long, arduous and full of screaming red-faced factions – is still needed. Alex Jones is not going to do this for you, any more than he is going to save your almost-dead Democracy.

  • Chainsaw November 30, 2013

    What I think of as the “Alex Jones effect” is when you try to talk about something moderately sensible and all people can respond with are boneheaded “ideas” from action movies or conspiracy theory sites or video games, with either no clue that the ideas are fantasy and not remotely near viable, or no clue that such fantasies aren’t a useful contribution to a discussion. When you hear “I heard on Alex Jones…” problem-solving has ended and bullshitting has begun.

    On the other hand, it does appear to be his paid job to discredit real censored news and conspiracies by mixing them up with a prime collection of loonies. Whether he KNOWS that’s his paid job or not seems to be the question.

  • Why December 4, 2013

    I wish I (Peter Phillips) was Alex Jones

  • andrew mather January 10, 2014

    You see this Alex Jones nutter on Pierce Morgan? Put a little mustache on this idiot and scream Zeke Hile and we got us a new fuhrer. This douche bag now wants you to pay to view his channel and you can buy a bottle of man serum for the amazing low price of $69.95! This dude is a POS. He is showing his true self on the shopping channel.

  • AlexJonesIsAwesome!!!! January 26, 2014

    I have only read a few paragraphs of this article, but after reading the conclusion that the answer can not be found on (or Infowars), I conclude this anti-AlexJones article to be a load of bull shit. Alex Jones is a hero, and has provided much evidence to the public of now historical and yet to be events and acts.

  • Doug McDonald January 26, 2014

    Alex Jones hits on topics we need to keep an eye on. His predictions are his opinions.

  • Brian Sidler January 26, 2014

    “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” – Mark Twain

    Objective reporting is an endangered species and almost completely extinct.

    Pop media is the focus of everyone’s attentions.

    There is no good reporting left to be had anywhere when profit is the motive for said release of NEWS events.

    NEWS properly reported, is at best, a break even proposition and in most cases, a profitless endeavor.

    There is no press organization in the world we are aware of that reports events at a loss of revenue, except us.

    Brian Sidler – Lead Writer
    (TCP)CHICAGO a Worldwide TMA Free Service Publication

  • William January 27, 2014

    Boo on you

  • DenverTruther January 27, 2014

    I came to this site after hearing Professor Phillips on Coast to Coast AM last Saturday night. I must say I am extremely taken aback and sorely disappointed to read this hit piece on our #1 Truth Seeker, ALEX JONES; this throws Dr. Phillips’ entire credibility into question for myself – even though he delivered BY FAR THE BEST CONDENSED EXPLANATION OF THE NWO I have ever heard. HOW does such an ANTI-TRUTH BULL-FEATHERS article find its way to publication on this site???

    The article by Nolan Higdon is pure BUNK. Alex has put out more documented truth during his career than any other single source you could name! Jones is wild at times, yes; he tends occasionally to exaggerate, yes. Does he put out DIS-information? HECK NO! Anyone who cares to research Jones’ work and check his FACTS (which are often corroborated with the official gov’ documents he gleans them from), has nothing to question, because IT ALL FITS. Jones is the biggest and fastest-growing VOICE OF UGLY TRUTH out there today, anyone believing this baseless hit-piece is doing themselves and our Liberty a GIGANTIC disservice – in which case I suggest you go back to MSNBC and the rest of the treasonous MSM. BTW: IT WAS ALEX JONES WHO RECOGNIZED THE UNDERCOVER GOV’T AGENTS IN THE NEWS VIDEO OF THE BOSTON BOMBING, AND BLEW THEIR CASE RIGHT OUT OF THE WATER.

    Hard to believe anything on this site, when they print JUNK like this!

  • sticky February 8, 2014

    Let’s just say alex is full of shit And your correct. Lets also say 911 wasn’t bare minimum allowed to happen and let’s discard all the northwoods/bbc report/first responders reporting hearing bombs/six out of ten of the 911 commission saying there was a cover up etc.
    Forgetting all that. Lets say there is no nwo or cabal or shadow government doing anything covert to disarm civilians and empower corporations etc.
    Lets say the government want the best for us and aren’t using flase terror to push a police state. Lets say they love us and have our best interests at heart.
    If so. How the hell is alex a government shill or cointelpro?
    The good nice loving government hire someone to put out disinformation?
    Sounds like crazy conspiracy theory and huge logical contradiction.
    Especially from someone attacking so called conspiracy theorists.
    Think about it.

  • Alex Jones Hates Reality March 6, 2014

    Great article pointing out just how pathetic Alex Jones is. The best part of it is the comment section. Alex Jones conspiracy evangelists are hilarious. Obvious lies that Jones makes holds more truth to them than facts that are referenced from multiple solid sources. Love it.

  • OC April 1, 2014

    He is a good, maybe necessary counterbalance to the Corporate Media. We don’t take him exactly, literally. Often people talk to him after being rejected everywhere else — no matter how sterling their credentials. Project Censored itself is a testament to all the controls and biases and conspiracies he talks about. Many of the articles here are calmer more intellectual versions of EXACTLY WHAT HE TALKS ABOUT! Speaking of perfect evil and evil cabals, a filmmaker just completed his film on the most evil man of the modern age – Rumsfeld — while the MSM, frightened, continues it’s cowardly dance around these devils.

  • Darrell King September 23, 2014

    It is clear that Mr. Higdon is not a fan of Alex Jones , and I would say that Mr. Jones feels the same way regaurding Mr. Higdon. Regardless of relationship either has for the other this op-ed does serve to give credit to the indivduals that have found there way to Info wars and thusly to project Censored. The simple fact that YOU as an indivdual are reading this makes it abundently clear that you do not take the written word of any single indivdual as gospel and total truth. Those indivuals who question the truth of the government will search out the truth whereever it may be . As it is with most truths it is out there if you are willing to shift thru the mountians of opinions , facts theories etc, and glean your own belief out of what you find from the various sources you encounter. If you have listened to Alex Jones on a regular basis or even an irregluar basis you will soon come to the conclusion that the man loves the sound of his own voice and that he wants to be the center of attention. He will rattle of citations from various indivduals and news groups long and loud but it is up to the listener to research what is said by Mr. Jones , or Mr. Higdon for that matter, and come to their own conclusion based on what they find and determine is the truth for them. Simplely by going to the Info WArs web page and its sister sites as well as the Project Censored site says enough about an individual seeking the truth. They or WE are looking for it and because we are gathering information from a number of sources regardless of there viarsity or facts makes this point clear. The fact is that we need indivduals like Alex Jones and Mr. higdon , as well as Brian Williams and a host of additional news talkers in order to come to some conclusion that we can believe in for ourselves. There is not a single source for the truth. There are many sources for pieces of the truth however and it is up to the indivual to put them together and come to some sort of conclusion on their own . Sure Mr. Jones gets carried away with his reporting but that only goes to show me individually that he is passionate about what he is doing and the same holds true for Mr. Higdon. What is important here is that someone has started a debate regarding an important topic that is of concern to the people of this country. So keep up the good work Mr. Jones and Mr. Higdon , the American public needs both of you .

  • Darrell King October 27, 2014

    A very fine aurgument in respect to why other researchers are discounted when it comes to the research they are submitting , be it factual or spectulative. However you case ends on a rather whinniy note and it makes you appear weak and blaming. Regaurdless of how and for what reasons Mr. Jones, as well as PC, put forth the information regaurding the going’s on in th United States. the simple fact that it is put fortyh for an inspection from the American public is, and should be , the goal of the organization putting forth that information. It is up to the individual to do the fact finding wherever they can and the research necessary in order to either agree or disagree with the supplier of said infornmation. You cannot cry foul simply because of the method in which the material is presented. In defence of Info Wars , Mr. Jones understands that the sensationlization of the material is exactly what his particular reader or viewer is looking for. He is very good at arousing the passion in individuals to either just plainly accept what he is saying , which of course becomes an embarresmnet when in a debat about facts, or to spurn us on to devle as depp as possible into the material available and draw our own conclusions. The fact is that both organizations are needed. The sad part is that people quit when the going gets a little rough and they are unable to handle the heat that goes along with the reporting. I would wager that a vast majority of those individuals who really care about the issues have heard the views from both afforemention parties and have come to their own personmal conclusions based on the information available to them. Sure Mr. Jones is mostly seen as some manic fanitical who rants on and on and refuses to accept any other point of view, but we know that about him and his organizations . Just like we know that the PC is more concerned with veritfilable information and truth seeking on a more moral idealistic forum. Stop blaming the opposition for the preceived inability to be taken seriously. Find the method that you can use to your advantage and then employ that in order to get your messsage accross. Truth will always win out but you must have both sides and manny in the middle in order to find it.

  • Joe Giambrone February 6, 2016

    This is wrong and misleading:

    “The 9/11 Truth Movement began after twelve relatives of 9/11 victims found the government’s official findings in The 9/11 Commission Report inadequate and misleading.”

    Mike Ruppert at Portland State University, Nov. 28, 2001

    Then the US Congress was told not to investigate at all, and then the findings of Saudi and other unnamed government complicity were censored by the Bush regime. The 28 pages are still censored and being fought over to this day.