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Mysterious Series of Deaths in Banking Industry

In the final week of January 2014 two current executives and one retired top level executive of major financial firms were found dead. Both media and police quickly tagged the deaths as likely suicides. Missing from the reports is the striking fact that all three of the financial firms that the executives worked for are under investigation for possibly momentous financial fraud.

The deaths began on Sunday, January 26. London police reported that William Broeksmit, a top executive at Deutsche Bank who retired in 2013, was found hanged at his residence in South London. The next day, Eric Ben-Artzi, a former risk analyst turned whistleblower at Deutsche Bank, was scheduled to speak at Auburn University in Alabama on his assertions that Deutsche had hid $12 billion in losses during the financial crisis with the knowledge of senior executives. Two other whistleblowers at Deutsche brought similar charges.

Deutsche Bank is also under investigation by global regulators for rigging foreign exchange markets. In 2013 Deutsche settled charges of rigging the Libor interest rate.

Two days after Broeksmit’s death, 39-year old Gabriel Magee, a Vice President at JPMorgan in London, fell from the roof of the bank’s 33-story European headquarters. Magee was involved in “Technical architecture oversight for planning, development, and operation of systems for fixed income securities and interest rate derivatives.”

JPMorgan is under the same global investigation for potentially manipulating foreign exchange rates. The firm is also apparently under an investigation by the U.S. Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations for its involvement in potential misconduct in physical commodities markets.

One day after Magee’s death, on Wednesday, January 29, 2014, 50-year old Michael Dueker, Chief Economist at Russell Investments, reportedly died from a 50-foot fall from a highway ramp down an embankment in Washington state.


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Student Researcher: Alexandra J. Johnson (Florida Atlantic University)
Faculty Evaluator: James F. Tracy (Florida Atlantic University)

  • Sandra J. Goodstone March 24, 2014

    They should all jump into the Grand Canyon…but…leave the money they stole on the cliff top to be given back to the people they stole from. Better yet, why spoil the Grand Canyon…they should jump from the top of the NY Stock Exchange so Main Street can spit on their dead bodies.

  • barbara guillette March 24, 2014

    I know of two women who claim to have been robbed by banks ,, 1. Bank of America and Fidelity.I am not surprised.bjg

  • Steven Gaylord March 24, 2014

    That’s it? Under investigation by global regulators? One would think that assets be frozen and doors locked while a thorough investigation is conducted into not just fraud but murder too. This stinks of a massive cover-up and not only by this criminal enterprise but by the regulatory agencies – a complicity in crime.

    • LindyMaeUSA March 25, 2014

      Mr. Gaylord, I’m sure you know the “prosecution process” is so complex and ineffective because (as you stated) the “prosecutors” themselves are complicit in these crimes. Perhaps you recall a specific news article from 2012 relating to powerful banks in US, UK and other European countries being “too big to be prosecuted.”

      That power amongst top bankers has obviously morphed into flagrant “public” assassination of anyone who would or is posing a threat to the banks ongoing/never ending theft from the people.

      “It is, what it is!”

  • pkr45h March 24, 2014

    Until the investiagtion is over, looks like high level executives should avoid multistory buildings for a bit. Gravity applies to everyone. 🙂

  • sandra March 24, 2014

    There are no coincidences here. This was all planned to kill these men and to pass it off as suicides: right, sure, and you think we believe this crap? Not even. These killings were on purpose. Sandy Hemmes

  • John March 24, 2014

    I think the more banksters that disappear or found dead makes for a better world. I did my homework on that crook JP Morgan he should be hung. All banksters are nothing more than probably the largest Ponzi scheme in the world, there’s just so many legal cartels like the IRS its no wonder the large % of poverty in the US as well as the world. Do you think the 1% of the rich people’s of the world give a shit when an average normal human being is found dead give a shit, then why should the average Joe care about these rich criminals the 1% are found dead should we give a shit? I’ll stop now before I say too much more about that 1%.

  • Marsha Sherman March 25, 2014

    So what! Is anyone who is alive by the time this matter gets to trial – if it ever gets to trial – going to spend even one night in jail? I doubt it. The entire banking system is rigged, and no one seems big enough to take it down. The entire IMF and World Bank needs to be blown up. Their ability to rob under-developed countries of their natural resources, bankrupt the people, then give them loans they can never pay off is the name of the game.

    • LindyMaeUSA March 26, 2014

      Ms. Sherman: You are 100% CORRECT in every single category! It appears you may have read “Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man” by John Perkins. Not many in this country are Truth Speakers! Thank you for “saying it LIKE IT IS! God bless and keep you safe!

    • LindyMaeUSA March 26, 2014

      At the Virginia Convention in 1775, Mr. Thomas Paine, an active Revolutionist and Founding Father made a solemn declaration for decades to come:

      “The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its GOVERNMENT!” (AND…from the Federal Reserve!)

  • John P. Stoltenberg March 25, 2014

    The original definition of fascism by the Italian philosopher Giovanni Gentile is as follows: Fascism, a system of government that exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merging of state and business leadership, together with belligerent nationalism.

    Giovanni Gentile’s definition of fascism was the source for the definition of fascism in the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language which is as follows: Fascism, a philosophy or system of government that advocates or exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merging of state and business leadership, together with an ideology of belligerent nationalism.
    The definition of fascist in the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language is as follows: Fascist, a person who advocates or practices fascism. By extension the term fascist also applies to governments that advocate or practice fascism.

    The beauty of these two definitions of fascism is they directly tie fascism with its creator which is capitalism. Notice, a mass movement is not required to create a fascist state.

  • nonames March 25, 2014

    We’ll never know the truth, is what I really think. Perverted monsters own our world. Without their stepford wives they’d never procreate.

    • Moses April 6, 2014

      They do not procreate. They just spawn; like the amphibians they are.

  • RR March 29, 2014

    This could very well be a series of coincidences at the moment, with one of them possibly being an actual murder (the Eric Ben-Artzi death). Without coroner’s reports, there is really nothing to go by. Speculation is premature at this time, though the conspiracy theory would make a good thriller or blockbuster movie starring Matt Damon.

  • Vera Gottlieb March 29, 2014

    To mind comes the placard ‘Jump, you fuckers’. Too much of this ilk still running around free.